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  1. Paul and Amy brought up what modern comedians were carrying on the tradition of the Marx brothers and I gotta ask, does anyone else think of Stella when they think of the modern Marx Brothers. I mean, the Stella live shows are one of the closest things to vaudeville I can think of in the last few decades and they have the kind of anarchistic comedy values that Paul, Amy, and Conan talk about. Also, Michael Ian Black is the first person I think of anytime anyone mentions a comedian looking right into the camera.

  2. Yeah, I am kinda sad that its leaving Earwolf, I really thought that it was a joke at first. I will stay subscribed through iTunes and enjoy listening to it, but I swear sometimes just having that Earwolf tag at the end of a podcast just makes it that much better. Its a placebo, I know, but Earwolf made me love podcasts like I do.


    Regardless, I'm sure further episodes will continue the high quality, and I'm definitely a fan and will continue to be.

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  3. I would love to hear them review this movie. Even fans of DB (which I constantly debate with myself if I am one, definitely enjoy the manga and some of the games) will admit that the original story isn't that great. This movie took that story and made it 100 times worse. We would get to hear all about how "next level bonkers" this movie is. I would hope that the guest had at least some knowledge of the source material, but even if not, it would be great.

  4. The definition of Emo seemed to change quite a bit over time. When I first heard of it, it referred to bands like The Get Up the Kids and Saves the Day (although they weren't even the originators) but it seemed to generally describe bands usually made of kinda nerdy looking guys doing a more melodic style of punk about more personal, emotional topics rather than political ones.


    Then it transitioned into this horrible teenage angst glam rock thing that was about anger and how nobody understands my pain man bands like Fallout Boy or My Chemical Romance.


    I think I've seen a slight revival of the original kind of emo lately with bands like Modern Baseball, who I'd imagine fans of American Football might like. What an odd sentence.


    Oh and I enjoyed the episode.


    I think it's good to look at Emo like Ska... in waves. 1st wave being things like Rites of Spring and Embrace, 2nd wave starting with bands like Cap'n Jazz and Braid and ending with Saves the Day and the Get Up Kids transitioning into the third wave, which is stuff like Fallout Boy or My Chemical Romance. I love the first two waves, but am not a fan of the 3rd wave, so maybe this is just a way for me to be snobby and differientiate.

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  5. Please don't conflate being unnecessarily rude with being opinionated.

    It's really not that hard to say "I like his older brother" without slamming this guy at the same time.

    Having an opinion doesn't require you to share it in a crappy way.


    Man, I was already apologetic for this, no need to make me feel like an extra dick. Also, I don't think I was slamming him... just because I think someone is more talented than another person doesn't mean that I don't think the original is super talented. Granted, I worded it wrong, but I put Tim Kinsella light years above most people that I find super talented.

  6. You misunderstood, I said that referring to the podcast as a whole, not just this episode. I'm not trying to be a spoiled fan, but I just feel like having musicians on comedy podcast is not why anyone listens to the show, yet it's becoming an increasingly more common thing on CBB. This is already a pretty specific somewhat niche comedy podcast, that I am a huge fan of. But when you bring in a musician , it narrows that niche even more so. Which I guess leaves fans like me less inclined to enjoy the podcast.


    I could be mistaken , but it seems like a good deal of the music ones are bonus episodes. They are a gift, you don't have to listen to it. Personally, I love the music episodes, even ones where I don't like the musician (which as far as I can tell was only the Interpol one, but he was fine as a guest). In fact, I was sad that the tears for fears one wasn't on the best of.

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    Not about you having an opinion, I just don't agree with comparing artists in the matter-of-fact manner that you did (particularly when they are brothers, and one could possibly be reading this forum). It's no big deal though.

    Wait, are you one of them? As brothers, I've heard them talk in interviews that they have a healthy competition anyways and I think Mike gets generally more favorable receptions, so if he read that and it hurt his feelings I am sorry (not sarcasm), but I do truly believe Tim Kinsella is one of the greatest creative minds of our time, and he is too often overlooked or looked down upon.

  8. I was impressed by how funny Mike and Steve(x2) were. They fit in perfectly! C+!


    I'm curious.... how many CBB fans were big emo fans in the 90s? I loved AF, Owen, Mineral, The Promise Ring, Texas is the Reason, Cap'n Jazz... all that nonsense. Does the emo/comedy venn diagram have a huge overlap?

    I'd like to think fans of good music and good comedy overlap in general. Not always the case, but then again, as previously pointed out, that's all relative anyways, but sure, most people I know that enjoy 2nd wave emo bands like those you listed like CBB.


    C'mon man.


    Sorry for being opinionated. To me, a song that is just a pretty melody is like a painting of flowers. I like American Football, but I think Tim's writing is by far the greatest thing to come out of that whole group of musicians, and yes, I am taking into account how amazing of a guitarist Victor Villarreal is. But yes, it is just an opinion. Still, bring on Tim Kinsella!