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  1. Pervert Alert! Dirty Bert Pert squirted his dessert on the miniskirt of turret expert Birdy McQuirt, while a bit of a flirt, doesn't excuse the overt hurt Bert Pert did exert on McQuirt's skirt.
  2. Damocles Codswallop

    Episode 329 — Too Much Tuna Tour

  3. Damocles Codswallop

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Can't embed but "Two men are in jail, one cow is dead, and 3 cars are totaled"..."Now we cant' show you that video, because the man was naked, and covered in jello." http://www.liveleak....=2b5_1393441086
  4. Damocles Codswallop

    Episode 97.5 — Bonus Cut: Intern Wars

    No one ever gave up their seat for Intern Mike.
  5. Damocles Codswallop

    Episode 77 — There, There My Bear Bear

    I do hope so. Just in case... My apologies to Mr. Besser.
  6. Damocles Codswallop

    Character Drawings

    Thanks guys. Glad you liked him. Really like your Mildred, PudgeDemon.
  7. Damocles Codswallop

    Character Drawings

    I'm a number of episodes behind. He got pulled under as I was coloring this. There was mention of wanting to see Ell Ryan as George Washington crossing the Delaware. Damn. He was suppose to be pube-less?