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  1. Can't embed but "Two men are in jail, one cow is dead, and 3 cars are totaled"..."Now we cant' show you that video, because the man was naked, and covered in jello." http://www.liveleak....=2b5_1393441086
  2. No one ever gave up their seat for Intern Mike.
  3. I do hope so. Just in case... My apologies to Mr. Besser.
  4. D.C.

    Character Drawings

    Thanks guys. Glad you liked him. Really like your Mildred, PudgeDemon.
  5. D.C.

    Character Drawings

    I'm a number of episodes behind. He got pulled under as I was coloring this. There was mention of wanting to see Ell Ryan as George Washington crossing the Delaware. Damn. He was suppose to be pube-less?