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  1. How do I like my buffalo wings?? Why, B-B-B-B-BONELESS-S-S-S-S of course!
  2. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    I can't complain about this episode, it was loaded with plugs! There must have been a hole in the plug bag this week. I can't remember a CBB, or even a CDR, that was this choc(taw?) -full of those sweet, sweet plugs.
  3. Spotting Waldo

    Episode UCB2 — Bonus: Ask The UCB 2

    That was a great show. I loved the way Matt would break down the elements of the podcasts and provided thoughtful, sometimes harsh, feedback. But you can tell that he was tough because he wants to help people up their game and improve their craft. I think that shows in this Ep as well.
  4. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 94 — Hands In The Air

    The McDonald's contests scene was an instant classic! I was laughing all the way home. Great episode through and through.
  5. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 131.5 — 06/07/13 TWO CHARTED 70

    I got excited by the possibility that Wie's new love for Country music had lead him to the mountain of Bluegrass, but "jimmy buffett's guitarist" was classic. He was so confident...
  6. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 127.5 — 5/10/13 TWO CHARTED 66

    Howard mentioned his appearance on NNF. It was a great episode, he crushed it. Wie and Pardo bonding over their mutual love of "Nashville" was a thing of beauty.
  7. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 145.5 — Sklarbro County 50

    I had seen that carnival game story on a couple of different sites in the past week, but no one really dug into it the way they did in this episode. I'm so glad DVK and the boys gave it the full County treatment. Too funny!
  8. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 218 — The 4th Anniversary Extravaganza!

    This episode is an instant classic! I didn't read past the guests listed on the front page, so every time someone new joined in, it was a treat. Campbell & Rust killed it, babe. Also, I've heard those Ting announcements dozens of times, on a variety of different podcasts and never really given them any notice. Yet, I found their spot on this episode to be particularly compelling. There was just... something about the way Mr. Saucerman delivered the ad copy that is really making me consider a change to my mobile phone service.
  9. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 126.5 — 5/3/13 TWO CHARTED 65

    Some Tooch-inspired photoshop tomfoolery from a CFKA in the actual Show-Me state.
  10. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 144 — Movie Dad

    Is 1 cup the recommended serving size for Oh Yeah cheese at Wahlburgers?
  11. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 143.5 — Sklarbro County 48

    Tami is delightful. This county was a real treat.
  12. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    Scott's tear basin gets me every time.
  13. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 142 — You Kids Want A Soda?

    I spent an hour searching the web for Mary Todd Lincoln's childcare blog to no avail. I did however stumble across Todd Palin's cat pic tumblr in the process. So it wasn't a total loss
  14. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 122.5 — 4/5/13 TWO CHARTED 61

    Ramhand a buttahface? Who knew?
  15. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 12 — Deeper Into The Base

    I couldn't figure this out either. I kept thinking "how are they breathing?"
  16. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 141.5 — Sklarbro County 46

    With Kyle and Dan in the studio, the mischief they get into on this County borders on criminal.
  17. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 212 — Comedy Bleep Bleep

    B Money Dubbz!!
  18. Spotting Waldo

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    DSOWD and DBS! Loved the collaboration between two of the podcasts' musical vanguards. I'm kicking myself for being late to this party.