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    Episode 305 - Strudel Westerns

    the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford!
  2. carp

    EPISODE 215 — Loneliness

    I love this show so much and really appreciate all of the different types of guests for each topic. But, Tig's general lack of care for everything and anyone other than her and her life is getting old. I felt bad for Sarah needing to correct the name of her imaginary friend Pingle who was obviously very special to her. I miss the old days when Tig actually liked doing this podcast and invested energy into the guests. Maybe a spinoff from blastoff with just the two amigos?
  3. carp

    Episode 106 — Military

    Does anyone remember which movie he suggested to watch that best portrays active duty?
  4. carp

    Episode 89 — Freedom

    i love this podcast and this one did not disappoint! but, can we all just agree that no one should eat while hosting a podcast? Twenty-four hours in a day and you choose now to eat?