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  1. We just discovered this buried deep in the Netflix Instant vault.


    Story by Bret Michaels (YES, that one.)

    Directed by Bret Michaels

    Music (of course) by Bret Michaels

    Screenplay by Bret Michaels, Charles Sheen (this was made during the 2 year Charles period), et al.

    "A Michaels/Sheen Production"


    Martin and Charles Sheen play father and son cops who have a difficult relationship, which is worked through with a huge heroin trafficking ring out of Mexico as a backdrop. I think. There are informants and dirty cops and angry wives and sad children and bad decisions and gas leaks and explosions all trying to cover up the horrible acting and dialogue.


    Bonus! Joe Estevez as "Pappy"


    Made in 1999, and I think everyone involved has tried to forget about it since.