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  1. wiredwolf1972

    Episode 10 — On The Catwalk

    Seriously... at least you all survived the Botch storm... that was a whole lotta 1's
  2. wiredwolf1972

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    Playing online, I think a group of 3 or 4 players + 1DM would be good enough. Too many more and it may get a little confusing.
  3. wiredwolf1972

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    I've DMed before. Not 4th Edition though. I'm reading up on it. Trying to learn Roll20.
  4. wiredwolf1972

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    I've been interested in something like this too as a gaming group in my neck of the woods wouldn't work out. There are some online resources to help with playing RPGs. There's MapTools which is free and downloadable and Roll20 which is another table top map over the internet game helper...
  5. wiredwolf1972

    "Crazy shit that happened in old adventures" segment name

    How about "Hack n' Slash Haber-dash"?