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  1. Oh thank you so much spunky! I was looking on my phone so didn't catch it. These are great tips and I'll get pics of my D and my P asap!
  2. Dang, my dick is the opposite of limp just thinking about reading these cool rules, joe mcgrrrrl! But my navigation of these forums is as sick as my fingerboard kick flips - that is not very sick! Can you direct a fellow culture jammer to your list? Thank you!
  3. Thanks Anastasia! I can't believe you fought and won for the honor of getting on the show! Loving the forum and especially the fanfic. Trying to find joe mcgurl's cool rules for coming correct before I get pantsed on the court of life!
  4. I've been getting dirty looks here in South LA, where everyone knows me to be a huge handbook head, all week! I didn't know what was up because I was late to listen to this episode (I was re-listening to serial and I know who did it), but now I get it! Listen everybody it wasn't me who sent that Eh, Wrong! Text to the government! I think Hayes and Sean are smart, funny and nice, and satire? They're doing it right! I look to them as my brothers in arms at the forefront of feminism and I would never send condaleesa that nasty text! However, it did flood my basement to hear Sean say "points, Ellie!" And I would love to make that my ring tone! Love from Ellie "eh, right!" Anglin.
  5. ellieanglin

    Episode 253 — Fieri Fight

    Oooooh boy!!!! 3 fave buddies casting it up!!!!