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  1. PudgeDemon

    Character Drawings

    I really love this mother fucking podcast! And, I love Damien Wormwood Darkemon, I want to play a Metalhead priest character so bad now. Here's a sketch of what i imagine he looks like...
  2. PudgeDemon

    Character Drawings

    After Sir Richard joined the party I couldn't stop myself from designing a suit of armor that only a paladin named Sir Richard could wear. I included a short description of what I think the armor should do but feel free to design your own stats for whatever type of role playing game you might play.
  3. PudgeDemon

    Character Drawings

    Bartho and Blackee Sketch
  4. PudgeDemon

    Character Drawings

    Threw some color on mah Mildred.
  5. PudgeDemon

    Character Drawings

    One more for today. Mildred Maxton, Matron of Mayhem
  6. PudgeDemon

    Diving bell

    Dear Mr. Sark Would also be cool to add the Diving Bells stats if that's a thing you've made. Who knows maybe you could eventually compile all your creations into a Nerd Poker campaign setting sorta thingy!
  7. PudgeDemon

    Episode 10 — On The Catwalk

    I love this goddamn podcast thing!!! So great!!!
  8. PudgeDemon

    Character Drawings

    Amath Amon dawning his fine-fitting armor.