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  1. My guess is that Jafe has used his, and I quote " telekinetic arm-ripper-offer" skill (excellent by the way) and is still in the process of putting it on Sir Richard. This would possibly give him and arm/hand similar to the one Bruce Cambell "Ash" has in the movie The Evil Dead where he had conflict with his own arm. This would be AWSOME! for such a noble character.


    Just my two cents.

  2. I hate to be THAT guy, but I really haven't listened since Gerry left. I got maybe one or two more episodes further but got really "fuck this"


    I like the group and all, but the fellowship has been broken. I'll definitely get back to listening if Gerry comes back. Is it lame to skip all those episodes in between? Doesn't sound like I've missed much with the talk of them being stuck for several episodes.


    Waaa! QQ

  3. Neutral Silly- Human Being- 2nd level


    STR- 10

    DEX- 8

    CON- 9

    INT- 8

    WIS- 11

    CHA- 10


    Armor- Cloth/ Think Skin

    Weapon- .45/410 Revolver


    Skills- Cooking/Eating, Fun & Games


    At-will Powers:

    Joke cracking

    Stubborn streak


    Encounter Power:

    Goofy rant

    Oppose opinion



    Hand boomstick

  4. Survived sinking the very star ship they were on


    Lived through a capsized pontoon


    Bested and mechanical beast


    Befriended/discovered other survivors


    Infiltrated the "Collector" fortress


    Took out TWO patrols.


    All this at first level. Imagine what could happen when the group gets to second level (hint).