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  1. If that kid's Joker video was fake, then how was I able to successfully climax to it? Well?
  2. This, definitely. I love the tumblr but I can't listen to the podcast because of his inability to disagree with anything the guests say. I mean really, people who write racist jokes aren't racist? Because they live in lofts? Don't get me wrong, stereotyping people from the South isn't racist because that's not what the word racist means. It's not blue, spicy, or aluminum either. It is, however, bog standard classism, a time honored way for middle class whites to absolve themselves of their own, more subtle, less white-hooded but still pernicious racism.
  3. SexualNightmare

    Episode 85 — Animal Lovers

    There's another argument against legalized bestiality beyond the animal's consent and our own feelings of disgust: what if it trains the animal to think of humans in a sexual context? You might think that what happens in your backyard is between you and your beautiful pony, but god help us if the neighbor boy wanders over and the pony tries do his sinful business to him.
  4. SexualNightmare

    Episode 69 — Fill My Butt With Air!

    I want to thank you guys for getting the word out about inflation fetishism. I'm so glad that us Puffers have a voice in Hollywood. Have a blessed day.