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  1. "Te-He-Te-He" -The sound of ME. Listening to this podcast Hollywood Handbook Episode 121 "Maria Thayer, Our Close Friend"
  2. BoatsRock

    EPISODE 391 - 2015 Holiday Spectacular

    gud ep yo diggity
  3. BoatsRock

    Nice nuts, bro!!

    Those are some sweet nuts bro!!
  4. Why this show not listened to more? Was that CBB ad all a huge sarade... ShaRead?..... Sharade?
  5. Der Shawn and Mr. Heeyz, I am writing this comment in the hopes that you can please put an end to domestic abuse. it is bad. The pronoun it referring to domestic abuse. Which is bad. I was wondering if you guys have a story about domestic abuse or maybe something that is moviees. I want this thing to end so please call Ben Stiller or Clint Eastwood or perhaps his daughter Hilary Swank to put a stop to it. God bless #SEAN&HAYES4PREZ2016
  6. Dear Mr. Shawn and Mr. Heeyz I am writing to tell you what I have just happened upon based on your suggestion. The SWWEET beats of rip rap roll, or hip-hop, is truly remarkable. The idea that someone can make music with their mouthss? Dats Crazy, but now it isn't. You guys are soo cool and I just bought that funny card game Funny or Die. It's like having tiny tiny tiny movies but on cards? it is Preeta cool. Thank you guys for being so cool P.S I love you is a great movies
  7. Dear Shaaan and Heyz, I need your help. This girl at my school really likes me but for all the wrong reasons. She like the blue power ranger but ima all bout white power. A friend just told me the other day that she's only interested in me because of my huge and rocking PEEEN. What do I DO? im in such a dilemma can you guyz please help me. Or if you dont want to talk mabye just make a movies about it. YOurs sincererlily, DAD
  8. Dear Shaan and Heyz, Everyone on the forum is thinking the same think after seeing dat sweet and raunchy star studded performance with big little Conan. You guys need to run for election in 2015. THe presidents are coming up and I couldn't be happier if I saw you two on my ballot next novembery time. I can be the first one to start this fire so here it goes. SHAN AND HEYS 2015 for Presidents the BOTH of them ( yeah they cando that look it up constitution nerds) #sweet yung pusssss
  9. What do you call a fat house? Mortgagely Obese (insert laugh)
  10. Don't blame the Scissor Sisters, you're the one who put too much mustard on it.
  11. Hey Science write TV on the Radio back would ya
  12. Dear both Shaan and Mr. Heyz, I really enjoyed this weeks play themed episode. Unlike most of the America's I am smart and know that a play is not a play. It made me feel nice when you made me feel smart. I have seen Wicked. It was good play. I liked how the chinese were the bad guys just like it Rat Race, it was supertoats funnahy. P.S: remeber that next time there's an overture, skip it and play and underture they will cancel eachother out. Ja Rule
  13. Dear Mr Heeyz and Dr. Mr. Shaan, Im writting to give YOU a scoop. you read right and hear it is. cough cough gurgle gurgle. dont use the elevator in case of a fire, its really dangerous. thank you
  14. Ok wait a minute. Upon coming onto this audio showcase my intrigues included: Girls, College Girls, and Hollywood Life and its subsequent lifestyle. Now thanks to Shaan and Heyz I now can add podcasts to my list of interest. Who would have thunk it, ME? A small tiny child from a Dickens novel come to life just to find out that life might just have come out to him.