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  1. Boulders, lobsters, pebbles, crawfish, sand, crabs, clay, Leonardo da Pinchy.
  2. There's nothing in the rules that says a batter can't catch the baseball and raise it as his own.
  3. Her scream flowed freely, then its stream slowed nearly to a trickle, then it flickered back to icy silence, dotted by some coughing islands.
  4. And they were known forever after as “Flapping Jack and Miss Maple.”
  5. A sneaking , meekly-rationed suspiration of impatient vapors sauntered sulking through the drafty hall long after all had left.
  6. You had me at “Zorp zorp thimby slatch.”
  7. There’s nothing but skin under there.
  8. Sleep, sleep, General Darling, stop crying for your battle.
  9. Allow me to antroduce my mother’s sister, Queen Vanillion, and her million children.
  10. Ever notice that “tangible” spelled backwards is “elbow-gnat?”
  11. If all the girls in the world were mine, I'd trade them for loaves of bread, and then give all the loaves to the girl I liked best.
  12. Bread is nature's paper.
  13. They call me Jimmy One Time because I say everything once. I'm gonna go get the papers.
  14. Take from the dresser of deal, Lacking the three glass knobs, that sheet On which she embroidered fantails once And spread it so as to cover her face.
  15. Left to their own devices, most termites chew Wooden Chew brand wood.
  16. Bread is nature's paper.
  17. If it's breadible, it's edible, your honor.
  18. If you had bread for hands, everything within your grasp would be a sandwich.
  19. A sandwich without bread is like a face without a head.
  20. There are two ways off this ship: the fun way, and the easy way.
  21. This catchphrase intentionally left blank.
  22. We reach the region of the year where Dream's dominion slowly swallows Waking's sallow soil.
  23. How about a sundress for that smörgåsbord?
  24. Come, tie his body to my horse's tail; along the field I will the Trojan trail.
  25. Look out, a loud, powerful bout of foul, growling vowels is showering down sourly from the Dour Tower hourly!