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    Episode 54.5 — Minisode 54.5

    After watching this movie, this movie doesn't seem all that bad, especially when you compare it to some of the other movies that are show cased on this podcast. However, I do take issue with Keanu Reeves attempt at (I think) a Florida accent. It was annoying that Reeves went in and out of that accent. Also annoying was Reeves stiff acting. *****Spoilers!******* The intimate scenes were also very interesting. Especially the one with Kevin Lomax and Mary Ann Lomax/Christabella Andreoli. I was thinking as an actor, they must have known that these scenes were coming and I was wondering why they would say yes to this project given how sexual the scene was. Then I watched the scene where Theron's character commits suicide and looking back at the arc of Mary Ann Lomax's story arc, I can see why Theron would be interested in taking on this character. To me, all the characters had their own interesting arcs. Granted the story arc of Mary Ann Lomax had a few bumps in it, especially in the beginning where she was so happy that her husband was winning all those cases and then realizing that it may not be all cracked up to be. Another problem was the first fight she had with her husband for leaving her at the party. Wait? You're mad just because your husband left you at the party for work? The fight felt like Kevin cheated on her. Speaking of cheating, but did anyone else feel that Mary Ann Lomax was much more attractive than Christabella? In my mind, I kept on thinking why would Kevin ever want to be with Christabella when he's with Mary Ann? Don't get me wrong, both women are very attractive, but the slight edge to Mary Ann. Also did anyone else feel that the church that Kevin's mom attends looked like the church where the cult followers from "Drive Angry" were first introduced? I loved at the end where Al Pacino explodes with fire is an representation of Pacino exploding with emotion. I would like to think the fire came from within Pacino and not special effects. So great.