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    The Fantastic Four (1994)

    I was also going to suggest this when I saw that it was streaming online this week. I think there are two problems. First, it may not be available long, limiting time that people would have to see it. The second problem is that it was unreleased for a reason--the filmmakers know that it's a shit movie. I prefer poking fun at the films that take themselves too seriously rather than kicking a dud when it's already down.
  2. She's been on Doug Loves Movies a handful of times, too. She'd be a terrific NNF guest.
  3. During the Pardo-mid game show: Jimmy: "Broken glass..." Me (loudly in my car): "Things Annie Lennox walks on!" I also love that Burton Place was mentioned in the episode. I go to that bar every time I'm in Chicago.
  4. AdamMorstad

    Episode 140 — Effy Scotty Fitzy

    You've seen novelty versions of the board game Monopoly, yes? They're the ones that feature local street names and attractions in place of the traditional Atlantic City names in the original. I know there's one sold around Madison that features UW points of interest, State Street businesses, etc. At this point I think you've accrued enough stories to register your own novelty version of the board game CLUE. It would be called Florida CLUE and players would have to uncover, through deductive reasoning, which celebrity was under the influence of which substance while displaying which socially inept behavior. This is the only reason I can think of for the existence of the headline, "Dante Stallworth drunkenly hits power lines with hot air balloon."
  5. AdamMorstad

    Episode 132 — Living The American Dream

    I agree with Greatbob. I'm a freak who enjoys seeing how the Sklarsage is made.