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    Episode 90 — Live at SF Sketchfest

    I was in the front row for this show and got there an hour early like a lot of die-hard fans. I don't think there were a lot of folks there who hadn't heard the show before- I think Tig was just playing with the crowd about all of the inside jokes. I mean, when you kick off the show with some dude handing Tig a jar of Beach Poop... What else would you say? I love these guys and the show was super fun. BUT. To be fair, there wasn't a guest and we had no idea they were going to ask us for topics. Had we know the show was going to be audience-driven, I'm sure we would have all come up with more interesting ideas. YOU have a few drinks and try to come up with a science-themed question when your heroes are staring at you in front of a room full of fellow fans.