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  1. Inter-office memo, not intended for the public. In response to the last few offensive catchphrases we will now be creating them in house. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Don't call it a come back, no seriously don't. I'm pretty sure if we do LL Cool J will sue us for copyright infringement. And I don't got the money to fight him in court.
  3. Randomly getting up in the middle of the night to pee isn't the only sign of aging. I'm also coming down with a bad case of Comedy bang bang
  4. I'm not saying she was a good lover, but I will say she knew her way around a grilled cheese.
  5. Brad Lindert

    Stop it, spaceman.

    Stop it, spaceman.
  6. Ladies and gentleman of the jury I've got two words for you "balloon pants"
  7. When you guys originally did the judge dredd episode I was so confused on why you weren't talking about Wesley Snipes' hair. It took me most of the episode for me to realize that I was thinking of another sly Stallone futuristic cop movie. How was he allowed to do two films that were pretty much the same thing so close together.
  8. From jay Henderson,: Julie S. will you go to the prom with me? From Paul Blarn, to Sandy Willy, will you marry me? From Scott Aukerman, to Those girls near the bus stop, I think I gave you the clap. Have yourselves tested!
  9. Brad Lindert

    duck condom

    Since I was only five or six when I saw this, I didn't know it was a condom. I thought it was a feather that was formed into a loop. Remember I was six.
  10. "Scott's Short Plugs Theme" By B dirty https://soundcloud.com/user447494908/scotts-short-plugs-theme
  11. Comedy bang bang, half the fun at twice the price.
  12. Rubber baby buggie bumpers. Apple bottomed raincoat humpers. Candy coated kiddie jumpers. Let's call it right there. Welcome, to the bang bang.
  13. Brad Lindert

    You can count on me

    You can count on me, I'll keep using my fingers.
  14. Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a laugh riot.
  15. I blame my mother for making me take ballet classes, and I blame my father for my male pattern baldness... and my crippling fear of toasters.