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  1. Our house is pro-Outlander so when my wife notified me Sam Heughan was being bullied, I'm like what for.....being too tall and handsome. It's an easy sell to if Sam is in the movie but yeah not gonna pay 20 bucks I'll wait until May. If you like Moore's Battlestar style you'll like Outlander. It's mom porn mixed with soap opera, with a splash of science fiction. Lots of deus ex machina when characters are in trouble but there are some surprise perma death moments.
  2. jason_ped

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    I had a sleep over at my friends place on the day Raiders hit HBO in 82 I believe. They had the giant satellite dish in the front yard, such a great time to be alive. Back in 03 I tried my first date when I was in Iraq from a local. After Raiders I was expecting this delicious nut but it was so bland, thankfully poison free though. It is good to see the hero take punches and react with pain. Although once you notice the Harrison Ford gets punched in the face over acting where he shakes his head and makes a weird growl does become a bit off putting.
  3. jason_ped

    Episode 132 - Bloodsport: LIVE!

    I think the FBI agents were more of a A Beautiful Mind (2001) aspect where the characters were figments of Dux's mind it's your classic Jacob's Ladder situation. Bolo Yeung (Chong Li) was in Enter the Dragon (1973) with Bruce Lee. Van Damme was in No Retreat No Surrender (1986) where a ghost Bruce Lee trained the title hero. No Retreat No Surrender movie led to Van Damme getting the lead in Bloodsport (1988). Roger Moore co-starred along side Van Damme in The Quest (1996) ironically playing a James Bond actor which Frank Dux had said inspired him to learn martial arts in the first place. Just some interesting coincidences. Fight Quest on Discovery had the hosts do a 5 man Japan Kumite and it was brutal The kumite was you had to fight opponent after opponent without rest and it was full contact. It looked more a form of torture, it was brutal.
  4. jason_ped

    Episode 72.5 β€” Minisode 72.5

    Congo, great book, great pinball machine, terrible movie, can't wait for this episode! Jason and Seth killed it on The League as well. No more pocket dogs say it isn't so. Avenge me Brian!
  5. jason_ped

    Episode 66 β€” Demolition Man: LIVE!

    What if Scott Peterson mdk'd his wife because of DM? It wasn't a prediction but more a self-fulfilling prophecy. I am also interested in the cryo-sleep dream theory but what if its Simon Phoenix's dream not John Spartan's, oh I just went VANILLA SKY on your ass. It's penance for all the bad things Simon did, he gets to keep getting his butt kicked by Spartan for eternity.
  6. jason_ped

    Episode 62 β€” Joyful Noise

    Fred Stoller was great, still one of the best scenes ever in DUMB AND DUMBER, "Get off the phone, oh he just turned his back on me!" Where's the love May 24th FAST 6, so excited! Great episode.
  7. jason_ped

    Episode 60 β€” Street Fighter

    Ken and Ryu are kind of like "the ambiguously gay duo", they do a lot of gay stuff but there not gay. Ken was checking Chun Li out at the wierd circus. If there was any man action it was between Sagat and Vega. "Hold on Charlie, I'm coming", Van Damme just fucked his buddy over. I'm thinkin Guile did this on purpose, because no one can be that ignorant. Love the stock Gulf War footage as well, such a great movie!
  8. jason_ped

    Episode 60 β€” Street Fighter

    Bravo, that was better than I expected. Broke out the VCR to re-watch this gem, lost interest after Van Damme awoke from the dead. Plus he was still wearing the blood pack, god I figured he must have been lying there for a solid day, that is bananas! Let's bring this franchise full circle with STREET FIGHTER: LEGEND OF CHUN LI, where yes a Canadian can apparently play an Asian. Great job to Jason on Parks and Recreation on NBC. "Bloodspurt don't use that one, on second thought go ahead", "Get my crossbow", who comes up with this stuff?
  9. jason_ped

    Episode 59.5 β€” Minisode 59.5

    STREET FIGHTER: LEGEND OF CHUN LI, would make a better movie to review. STREET FIGHTER: THE MOVIE is more like 60's style Adam West Batman, all camp. I think everyone buys into as well especially Raul Julia. The word is that the movie was so bad it killed Raul, also JCVD said he took Kylie to pound town, so he had a pretty sweet time. I have STREET FIGHTER on VHS, so yeah I'm a fan. I'm on record as saying your doing the wrong STREET FIGHTER movie. I mean Chris Klein as Nash, "he walks through raindrops" or "you just bought tickets this dance". What does that even mean? Best worse movie ever! JCVD does have a great line about kicking Bison so hard his grandkids will feel it, real Mel Gibson BRAVEHEART shit right there. Just glad were done with the fuckin musicals, great work guys.
  10. Speaking of black people, do you plan on having any black guests? I know you had Michael Ian Black, but that doesn't count. I only ask because I think black people enjoy terrible movies as well, although that doesn't really explain Madea Goes to (Fill in the Blank).
  11. jason_ped

    Episode 57.5 β€” Minisode 57.5

    Did you listen to Paul's podcast he was looking for suggestions on how to improve the suggestion list. So yeah just wanted to list an example of some of the things I think would improve the program. Plus I think there should be a way to down vote a movie suggestion as well similar to yahoo comments and your comment as well.
  12. jason_ped

    Episode 57.5 β€” Minisode 57.5

    IN THE NAME OF THE KING: A DUNGEON SEIGE TALE....eh, not that bad. To me whether it's Middle Earth or the Kingdom of Ehb it really doesn't matter because neither of them really interests me. If RINGS can have walking and talking trees then sure I can I buy ninjas, either way they both seem silly to me. Main character's name is Farmer who's actual occupation is a farmer, why not I totally in. I guess we have to thank the Germans for subsidizing this film according to wikipedia. I believe they also describe Uwe Boll as a very "litigious" person and challenges critics of his artistic style to one on one combat in a fight to the death. That's how you stand behind your work. I'm thinkin Jason vs Uwe in some Star Trek Vulcan pugil death stick match. Now if you want a real middle earth type turd movie try ERAGON, almost a shot for shot remake of STAR WARS except it's the opposite of awesome. Just throwing out my two cents on the recommendation list. I was hoping there was a way that we could put some opinions behind our requests or arguements. For example I came up with a list of movies but I want to put down some of the reasons it deserves to be reviewed. STREET FIGHTER: LEGEND OF CHUN LI Two words Chris Klein. DREAM HOUSE Collection of actors who clearly have a strong desire to be anyplace except in this movie, damn contractional obligations. THE ARRIVAL Twist ending yes, fat Mexican Charlie Sheen, nuff said. THAT'S MY BOY With the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle we can defnitively say their is a parrellel unvierse that some where no one was ever had to bear witness to this abomination. It managed to offend all 5 senses, because I threw up in my mouth a little. Although I did laugh a couple times so I'm not sure if that makes me a bad person. THE GREY The greatest fucking wolf movie ever made! I can only imagine that the writer was awash in great ideas after wearing his three wolf moon t-shirt thus spilling out the words and birthing the greatest masterpiece since THE GREAT GATSBY.
  13. jason_ped

    Episode 56 β€” Nothing But Trouble

    Full disclaimer: I haven't seen NOTHING BUT TROUBLE nor do I have any particular desire to see this movie, honestly didn't even know this existed. On the other hand I was curious to see how what appeared to be a parody or satire film would fare as I was thinking of recommending MACGRUBER. Yes I did see MACGRUBER in the theater with what I remember as about 6 people in the theater that's including myself and my wife. The funniest thing, for some reason I was sitting in the back and there was another guy in the back as well and I honestly couldn't tell you if the movie was funny or not. The other guy would start laughing then I would laugh because he was laughing then I think he was laughing because I was laughing, you could say we had an old fashioned "laugh off" it was bonkers! That being said I typically enjoy the podcasts with movies that 1) take themselves too seriously, 2) blissfully unaware of their own shittyness, 3) contain Al Pacino or Nic Cage or 4) movies that have a decent premise than just go off the fucking rails. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE sounds like it didn't even make it to the train station. The problem appears to be what I would say would be like trying to do an episode on say a film like BEETLEJUICE, now if they would have made the sequel Beetlejuice in Hawaii that would be epic. Google that shit people, you have no idea how close that came to happening. After all that I would probably file NOTHING BUT TROUBLE not under "how did this get made" but "doen't anyone really care if this got made". I think of that damn Taylor Swift song "I Knew You were Trouble" everytime I hear NOTHING BUT TROUBLE, so thanks for that. Keep up the great work.
  14. jason_ped

    Episode 56.5 β€” Minisode 56.5

    Paul I totally thought you were gonna go DEMOLITION MAN there; " toilet paper? He doesn't know how to use the three sea shells!"
  15. So great, love what you guys are doing here, can't wait for new season of BURNING LOVE! I had to double check my dates but I remember pre Y2K had a lot of devil centric movies: DEVIL'S ADVOCATE (1997), END OF DAYS (1999), and STIGMATA (1999). I loved the scene where Keanu peeks in the door and Jeffrey Jones is schredding papers like nobody's business. Interestingly enough not Jeffrey Jone's first role as the devil's assistant he had a great role in STAY TUNED (1992) with John Ritter "Set phasers on.....TORTURE!". Just caught THE ARRIVAL (1996) with Charlie Sheen, three words, A Ma Zing! I dare you not to climax when Sheen gets turned into a fat Mexican in the alien human "configurator". It's like CONTACT but without all the bullshit, that should have been their tag line, oh and our alien movie actually has fucking aliens in it. Plus an actual twist at the end the only thing missing is some titty shots and Sheen raw doggin it with some Mexican prostitute. Great job guys!