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    Episode 114 — Surfing Rainbows

    Did Steve-o not know what show he was coming onto? I mean he should have been told that this is not the show to talk and talk and talk about himself, and the stupid shit he is doing now. I literally could not stand this. I mean seriously he would not shut the fuck up. I'm such a huge fan of who charted, and I don't mind deviations in the way things are usually done, but come on. This guy legit just talked and talked about FUCKING NOTHING forever. I was legit excited about Steve-o coming on, but this infuriated me so much I made an account to post on the forums. And to answer my question that I started this post with, it appears that he is aware of what the podcast is as he is participating in the music chart (albeit talking and not letting kulap or Howard talk). So he just didn't give a shit about this podcast. Ugh, I'm glad he's clean but maybe Steve should just stay behind the scenes and be happy. None of this shit was Howard or Kulaps fault. To make this a constructive comment, perhaps for future, if they are going to have people who are not so familiar with the show, make sure they will absolutely not do this. Make them listen to this episode and say DON'T DO THIS. I hope Howard and Kulap go outside of the normal "earwolfniverse" again, just not like this. Ahh I shouldn't be so angry, positivity. SUMMAH IS AROUND THE CORNER.