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  1. bluedarkness12

    Episode 50 — Jenkem ft. Eric Andre

    Nocando better copyright that jenkem dance song idea. Someone will take it, throw it up on youtube and worldstar and get their instant internet fame or he can just capitalize on it himself.
  2. bluedarkness12

    Episode 48 — Ty$

    I forgot to ask a question last week. I wanted Nocando's opinion on the Math Hoffa/Serious Jones situation at the Smack event a few weeks ago and people fighting in or after battles since he use to battle.
  3. bluedarkness12

    Episode 47 — Pussy Wet

    I dont know I just watched. I saw a lot of breasts, a smaller person, Corey trying to dance and Stern dressed up Anyways in regards to this week's ep: -If you play Dhalsim then you like to time scam and play long range -You guys probably lost any transsexuals/cross dressers listening to the podcast however I have seen the type of individuals Quelle Chris referred to but in Harlem. They are pretty damn crazy and annoying. -Upstate NY got mentioned? (Went to school in Binghamton) -I bet Nocando hasn't watched the new DBZ movie that came out this year yet -If you do have Kat Stacks on, she will be the first guest to fire shots at a few people (can't recall if a prior guest blurted out actual names)
  4. bluedarkness12

    Episode 46 — Guns and Monsters

    Come on Jeff, get Kat Stacks on. However I can possibly see the number of female listeners go for 8 to 6 though. There should be an episode on video vixens or women who have been around rappers. Although it is a very misnogist thing that goes on, its a part of hip-hop culture that could be talked about.
  5. bluedarkness12

    Episode 52 — sup /b/

    MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI MESSI >18-1 The best thing that came out of /sp/ is the Lelbron which surprpingly isnt shown up more around the internet
  6. bluedarkness12

    Episode 44 — White People Gone Wild

    Janelle Monae won Best Art direction (it was before the show) so does that count ?
  7. bluedarkness12

    Episode 42 — Good/Bad New Music

    It always seemed to me that "conscious" rappers are the ones who usually commit a lot of infidelity or have fucked up views about relationships like Talib Kweli. Its probably one of the most hypocritical things I have seen in Hip-Hop Is there going to be a light dicussion on "King Kendrick" when Nocando comes back from europe?
  8. bluedarkness12

    Episode 34 — The Skeemix: DJ Skee

    The problem I have with the Kanye record is what I said in the comment sections under the reviews on "Passion of the Weiss". The lyrical content bothers me because it just felt like he didn't try as much as he did on the production side. He was never an amazing lyricist but he has put out better raps than what's on this album. Rhymes like "Hurry up with my damn croissant" or talking about eating out Asian girls with the need of sweet and sour sauce (which is pretty ignorant) are lines that are pretty lame coming from a artist who putting out his 6th solo album. I understand why Nocando's wife would purchase the J.Cole album over "Yeezus" because this is his first album where there isn't really anything but Bound 2 (which doesn't fit on the album) that people can relate to. He has always made songs about bragging and but also had songs that a regular person can identify with like the "Blame Game", "Everything I am", "All Falls Down", etc. What I have found to be intriguing is that the fans who really love this new album are people who love EDM, who thinks the band "Radiohead" are gods and completely discredit the album "Graduation" to the point they think its awful. Skee is a pretty dope guy. I think you guys have been choosing guests pretty well for the past fews weeks or so.
  9. bluedarkness12

    Episode 33 — Korean Jesus: Dumbfoundead

    The only MJ and Kanye comparison you could probably make (which is a stretch) is that they both do things to motivate themselves in their craft. MJ use to find the smallest things against a team so he can find the motivate himself to destroy them and Kanye whines about the smallest thing to try to help himself relate to struggling like his early work. What ever Kanye says shouldn't be shocking or surprising at this point considering its well documented that even in High school he always had a ego and arrogance problem. I stumbled upon Dumbfouned a few years ago because of listening to K-pop. If he can get mainstream, I think he could be a good representation for Asian Americans. I remember back in grade school when almost every Asian friend I had use to bump Jin's first album because he was their only role model they had so I hope he can do the same with the present generation of Middle/High School kids
  10. bluedarkness12

    Episode 31 - All Hail The Queen

    Thanks for having Snow on. I stumbled upon her a while back because her "Woke Wednesday Shorts" episodes which are pretty enertaining
  11. bluedarkness12

    Episode 149 — Basketball Vs. Hockey Fans

    I would put Hockey fans above baseball fans. Baseball fans are terrible usually in the post season. NHL fans have a huge tendecy of doing racist stuff throughout the season (the Wayne Simmonds incident last autum) and amplifies worst in the post season (Boston Bruin fans in last year playoffs for example). Its pretty disgusting how much players have to out up with in that sport.
  12. bluedarkness12

    Episode 15 — Battle Rap

    I think another topic you can discuss is the genre of conscious rap, where it came from and who are artists that shaped it, where it has evolved, what defines it, and the constant arugements that conscious rap is the only meaningful and best type of hip-hop made ("its real hip-hop"), discussion about GKMC and how critics try to define Kendrick Lamar as a conscious rapper, etc.
  13. bluedarkness12

    Episode 83 — Another N Word Discussion

    lol no one answered the guy's question. I can give him a short answer since I am both dominican and puerto rican. Most dominicans have african descent in their blood but not all of them. Some dominicans have euporean ancestors, Tainos, spaniard and even a very small number have asian ancestors. However for the most part the majority of dominicans are also black but dont say that to dominicans that actually live in the dominican republic or you will just have them hate you (long history of hate between dominicans and haitians). To answer his question, its not racist to say you are half black if you are dominican since there is a good chance you have african ancestors but you should do your own family research to confirm what your family background consist of.