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  1. My three favortie podcasts are dead authors pod, dana gould hour and I4H. I admit I get more excited when I see new episodes of the others but that's mainly due to how randomly they are put out. But the variety of guests and topics keep the show as fresh as anything. Plus I hate twitter and what youtube has become and any chance to poop on them makes me happy.
  2. Cursesandcran

    Please stop with case closed

    I am happy to see that I'm not the only one who doesn't like the segment very much. I do see some very valid points about the spirit of the segment but that isn't enough to make me want to hear another one. I noticed that my motives have been called into question several times and would just like to say that I have absolutely no desire to go on and do a case closed. That's the whole point; to not have to listen to another one; so what kind of helper monkey would want to perpetuate it? The only argument I care enough about to make is that I think it is time that could be better spent doing a "crap on youtube" or almost anything else and that isn't a strong argument. And because of my ability to fast forward, I can easily still enjoy the show if it never goes away.
  3. Matt, the last one you did was pretty rough and I hope it was the last one. I mean the guy had a fair point. When I heard that skit, I was pretty uncomfortable with it too once the gun turn happened. I'm not a big advocate for the "too soon" argument, but I was still so full of emotion about what had happened that, while I don't think it was in poor taste, having a gun be the end of the scene wasn't the only option you could have taken. And then the way you treated the guy, you kept saying he had a right to his opinion but then you demanded that he justify it in a way that satisfied you. Then steam rolled him with your own because you have obviously had the "poor taste" discussion before with your comedian friends so you had a very solid, very prepared stance. He was nowhere near as ready to talk on the same level as the four of you and he was just a guy who thought he was being a stand up person even though he went about it in a lame ass way. I really hope you consider discontinuing the segment. Yes you spark discussion, but its only about things you either really care about or the person you're talking to only cares enough about to get on a podcast. And then after you "finish" discussing, you do a skit that is either a joke about a phrase they said or how poorly they defended their argument. It just seems like there are better was of interacting with fans that don't make them sound like assholes. I don't care for it and I'm guessing, by writing this, that other people feel similarly. P.S. I realize that I'm doing exactly what the guy did, in that I signed up to complain. To be honest, after hearing that show, I thought you might actually read this. I am probably being a hypocrate, but there are worse things. I am a huge fan of the show. I listen regularly and tell my friends about how its the best podcast of 2013. Long live Micheal Cock Duncan