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    Episode 71.5 — Minisode 71.5

    I loved this movie when I was a kid. My parents rented it and I thought it was awesome. I haven't seen it in almost 20 years, though, and the trailer made me realize that the only thing I remember was Joan Cusack's weird playdoh wig. I am so excited to rewatch it.
  2. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Let's not write Cuba off too early.
  3. sarahmazing

    Episode 63.5 — Minisode 63.5

    I think the twist is that if you watch After Earth, you end up on a Scientology mailing list.
  4. sarahmazing

    Omissions Fast 6

    I assume the bait is following the actual course for the race, and that's why they ended up in the middle of nowhere?
  5. sarahmazing

    Omission: Fast/Furious 6!

    Oh that is definitely what is happening. I am already working on the pre-novelization of Fast7. But as one of my friends pointed out, anyone can call themselves anything. Maybe they are half-brothers, or Chev is in hiding under an assumed name. With these movies, you can't expect ANYTHING
  6. sarahmazing

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    I guess I can't quote on the mobile site, but I appreciate your notes. I really want to flesh this out, maybe send it to the new director as some ideas. The sad thing is I'm not joking. I have more ideas for the other characters, just not as fully realized.
  7. sarahmazing

    Episode 63 — Fast & Furious 6

    Okay if it was any other franchise, this would be a crazy piece of fanfic, but for FF I think it is not. Han, somehow, survived the car crash and the explosion. Jason Statham is Owen Shaw's brother (he's already credited on IMDB as Ian Shaw), and after Dom & the Gang killed his little brother, Jason realizes that family IS the most important thing and starts tracking down each member and killing them. He finds Han first, "kills him," and Dom finds out and realizes that Statham is hunting them down one by one. He calls the gang together, they have a memorial for Han, and then go work on their plan against Statham. Who walks in? HAN. HE'S ALIVE. Action, action, action, some fights, some car chases, an explosion. Jason Statham is there and sees Han, realizes that somehow he escaped certain death. He runs at Han, whether on foot or in a car, and is about to kill him in hand-to-hand combat. Like Han is literally seconds away from definite death. BAM! There's a gun at Statham's temple. Camera pans to the side. IT'S GISELLE! She looks at Han and says, "this is what we do." That said, does anyone have a total for the amount of damage done in this movie? I mean, it has to be in the billions of dollars, at least.
  8. sarahmazing

    Episode 36 — On the Line

    I was relistening to this episode today because On the Line is one of my favorite movies, partly because it is the only movie that I think really captures the essence of my hometown, Chi-tilly. On my way home from work (ON THE LINE, guys!), I saw an ad for the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and GQ has a new ad-rap-tation of Othello. I doubt I will see it.
  9. sarahmazing


    Hook was legit my favorite movie as a kid, and I still love it. I just had my wisdom teeth out and the only movies I wanted to watch were Hook and Mrs. Doubtfire. Apparently, when I'm super high on Vicodin, I'm an early 90s Robin Williams superfan.
  10. I thought that line was her admitting that she lied about being molested by the teacher, because all her friends were molested by the teacher and she didn't want to be the only one who didn't get to play Special Places with the teacher.
  11. sarahmazing


    My freshman year of college, one of my friends and I would host weekly movie nights where we would put together the worst double features we could think of. One week we did Glitter and Crossroads. I feel like it's really telling that people left halfway through Crossroads but then came back to see how bad Glitter was, and stayed through all of Glitter. The only movie that had more walk-outs than Crossroads was when we showed a "documentary" about an all-male Turkish bathhouse featuring nude Greco-Roman cave wrestling in ankle-deep water.
  12. I just can't believe no one mentioned my personal favorite Kelly Clarkson outfit: Was anyone else surprised that the characters were texting each other? This movie was such a Saved by the Bell 3-episode story arc I found the technology astounding.
  13. sarahmazing

    Correction: The Devil's Advocate

    Am I allowed to correct the audience? You guys were right that the red-haired daughter woman was Italian. Connie Nielson is Danish, but I'm totally sure that the character wasn't supposed to be. When they walked into the law firm and she was talking on her headset, she was speaking Italian (or something that we're supposed to think sounds like Italian), and her character's name is Christabella Andreoli. That said, this is my new favorite movie.