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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to the fine folks here at Earwolf and of course the Nerd Poker crew. This forum actually helped us find a new player that fits in perfectly with our not always so serious 4th edition D&D group. Looks like I'll really have to get that donation to Brian and the crew sooner than later. Thanks! JP
  2. So obviously I love Brian and the crew and while I won't say our table is a replica, we do enjoy a good time... So if you're interested and in NJ (our players are in Ocean/Monmouth/Mercer) please contact me at spongejp@hotmail.com. Please put Nerd Poker in the subject line. Some Info on the Group: * we fancy ourselves comedians although we're really not * we're between the ages of 32-42 * we're not big fans of being super serious and do not want rules lawyers or those that will optimize a character to death. * we do love unique characters with strange, possibly horrifying, traits. * we enjoy imbibing, responsibly of course, during our weekly game (Wednesday evening) * We don't care about gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc... As long as you have good hygiene it's good enough for us! That's all I can say about our posse... We'd love another solid player or two. We're struggling with three solid weekly players and three on again/off again types. We understand life happens and cancel now and again because we have careers and families but we like some semblance of consistency. We're flexible though, really, I promise. So drop me a note should you be in the local area. JP
  3. RiffWizard

    Any other good RPG podcasts?

    I agree with Vyrrk, I quite like the system myself but I can say that I think the DM and players in your group are the real key for 4e. You need to work on it and have a focus to role play unlike editions 1-3.5... JMO of course. And I agree with you guys on Crit Juice and Critical Hits. I'll have to check some of these others out. JP
  4. RiffWizard

    Character Drawings

    Awesome, I'm totally down for purchasing a set of these cards, too! Great work.
  5. RiffWizard

    NEW Nerd Poker Dice Bags!

  6. RiffWizard

    Nerd Poker RPG Game Finder

    I'm in NJ and am part of a group in flux. We're currently playing 4th edition. We're ages 29-40 and we're primarily a really laid back group. We drink some beer (not a requirement), make jokes and keep it light. I just got back into it early this year after a 20 year lay off. We currently are playing on Wednesday nights. I'd also potentially be interested in joining a group and bringing our DM along as a player for Pathfinder, D&D 3.5, etc. We're in Ocean County but could travel a bit for the right game. Message here if you're interested and I'll provide you contact info.
  7. RiffWizard

    Nerd Poker RPG Game Finder

    So clearly everyone here has an interest in D&D and humor... So why not a small, niche RPG game finder. Anyone up for posting their locale, RPG('s) of choice and a little bit about their group to see if we can place gamers in new groups?
  8. RiffWizard

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    There are definitely ways to speed up the battle time in 4E and my thought, as with all systems, is that it's all about having a great DM and good crew. But to your point, with the wrong DM the battle times can be drawn out. Still a great edition of the game albeit very different from the 1st and 2nd editions I grew up on.
  9. RiffWizard

    Dungeons & Dragons, Editions & You

    I'm playing 4th edition after a 20 + year layoff and it's fun. You need a good DM to keep it from becoming board game like but it's a nice way to break up a 60 hour work week by getting together with folks to play. I bought the Pathfinder Beginner Box recently just to check it out but I have no intent on playing at this time. Looks great and as and as an side, their comic is great too and worth checking out. Any of you from NJ and interested in playing 4th edition? We may be creating a new group as we have a few players that are WAY too serious.
  10. RiffWizard

    Nerd Poker T-shirts!

    I'd call the material soft by not thin. It''s a solid quality shirt although I'd gladly pay a few bucks more for slim fit American apparel so I can look both geek and chic.
  11. RiffWizard

    Character Drawings

    I didn't hear about that, I'll have to check that comic out when it hits the street. The Pathfinder comic is very well done and worth checking out if you haven't.
  12. RiffWizard

    Sark's Bruce Willis Impression

    It doesn't sound even remotely similar to Bruce Willis but I love it. I wish Sark used that as his DM voice full-time.
  13. RiffWizard

    Skype D&D Nerd Poker Group

    Last night we actually skyped in one of our guys that was unable to make it in person. our group ranges from 29 to 42 in age so most of us are pretty busy. It's no substitute for playing in person but all things considered, it worked well and kept us from getting our arses killed in the campaign we're in. Riff Wizard
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    I'm all Mac and it looks like Neverwinter is PC only...
  15. RiffWizard

    Character Drawings

    I'd definitely buy a Nerd Poker comic book. Come on Duggan and Posehn, get to work!