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    Beatles style plugs song

    I call it "I'm So Plugs" from the plugs album. https://soundcloud.c...rks/im-so-plugs
  2. GuillermoAzurdia

    I'm So Plugs

    Hello, all. This plugs theme was made in the style of 60s british rock. I didn't have any specific song in mind at all. Like, at all. LIKE, AT ALL! https://soundcloud.c...rks/im-so-plugs
  3. This is my attempt at a 60s flavor, beach area feel, plugs song. It's totally not a knockoff of any specific music group from the 60s as some have said. It's my totally original beach area feel, plugs theme song. https://soundcloud.com/bilbomarks/plugs-song Lyrics: Plugs plugs plugs Plugs plugs plugs (chorus) Plugs plugs plugs Plugs plugs plugs plugs plugs p.s. This is totally my first post ever here. I'm sorry.