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    It sounds like like I'm pandering to Brian Posehn, but I honestly love Heavy Metal and Dungeons and Dragons. I also enjoy art, 3D animation, 2D animation, movies, some video games
  1. Gangulon

    Character Drawings

    Thank you very much Brandonus Prime
  2. Gangulon

    Character Drawings

    I'm relatively new to digital painting so there's a lot of room for improvement. I've had this image in my head for a while now and I'm glad to share it
  3. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    I'm ashamed that I didn't know this song before you shared it, but I'm glad you did. This song rules, I keep listening to it. Now I can see where Maiden got some of their style. Thanks for sharing that one. Great song
  4. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    That's an awesome coincidence. Or maybe it wasn't a coincidence at all. The spirit of metal at work! And I didn't know Cliff Burton played D&D, that's awesome. Kind of makes sense.
  5. Gangulon

    Patton's Song Cartoon

    I'm going to attempt to animate a short that goes along with Patton's song from Episode 18 like they suggested. Is anyone else going to make a cartoon for this too? I know there is a lot of great artwork posted and I am curious to see what other artists create for this song.
  6. Gangulon

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    Patton's song was amazing. I reached that level of laughter where you stop making sound and stop breathing.
  7. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    In addition to Miaden, Dio and Dio-era Black Sabbath are D&D soundtracks. Neon Knights makes me think of 1st and 2nd edition D&D. This is another song I love that fits D&D. The ending alone...
  8. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    I love Iron Maiden. They fit D&D so well. So many songs could work. "Sea of Madness" "Ghost of the Navigator" "To Tame A Land" "Back In the Village" come to mind during this adventure. Lyrics don't always fit but the music matches up. I think any song by Iron Maiden could fit D&D. Other than that I think Saxon's Frozen Rainbow/ Rainbow Theme is a good one
  9. Gangulon

    Questions for Sark

    Mr. Sark, Is the adventure your own creation or is it a pre-made one?(As in one you can buy at a game shop) I was wondering how much of the campaign, settings,characters,situations, etc are made by you.
  10. Gangulon

    Character Drawings

    This is a few episodes late. Not sure if anyone else has done this scene yet but here's my version of it.