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  1. Gangulon

    Character Drawings

    Thank you very much Brandonus Prime
  2. Gangulon

    Character Drawings

    I'm relatively new to digital painting so there's a lot of room for improvement. I've had this image in my head for a while now and I'm glad to share it
  3. Gangulon

    Patton's Song Cartoon

    I'm going to attempt to animate a short that goes along with Patton's song from Episode 18 like they suggested. Is anyone else going to make a cartoon for this too? I know there is a lot of great artwork posted and I am curious to see what other artists create for this song.
  4. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    I'm ashamed that I didn't know this song before you shared it, but I'm glad you did. This song rules, I keep listening to it. Now I can see where Maiden got some of their style. Thanks for sharing that one. Great song
  5. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    That's an awesome coincidence. Or maybe it wasn't a coincidence at all. The spirit of metal at work! And I didn't know Cliff Burton played D&D, that's awesome. Kind of makes sense.
  6. Gangulon

    Episode 18 — Finish The Fight!

    Patton's song was amazing. I reached that level of laughter where you stop making sound and stop breathing.
  7. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    In addition to Miaden, Dio and Dio-era Black Sabbath are D&D soundtracks. Neon Knights makes me think of 1st and 2nd edition D&D. This is another song I love that fits D&D. The ending alone...
  8. Gangulon

    Nerd Poker Forum Soundtrack

    I love Iron Maiden. They fit D&D so well. So many songs could work. "Sea of Madness" "Ghost of the Navigator" "To Tame A Land" "Back In the Village" come to mind during this adventure. Lyrics don't always fit but the music matches up. I think any song by Iron Maiden could fit D&D. Other than that I think Saxon's Frozen Rainbow/ Rainbow Theme is a good one
  9. Gangulon

    Questions for Sark

    Mr. Sark, Is the adventure your own creation or is it a pre-made one?(As in one you can buy at a game shop) I was wondering how much of the campaign, settings,characters,situations, etc are made by you.
  10. Gangulon

    Character Drawings

    This is a few episodes late. Not sure if anyone else has done this scene yet but here's my version of it.