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  1. The rooster says "cock a doodle do" but the hooker says "any cock will do" and that's the only difference between the two
  2. My grandfather had to give up everything to make it to America including his own name when he got to Ellis Island. It crushed him to do that, but the best revenge is living well and the Smellybutt family is doing just fine thank you
  3. If you think New York has good salsa, you should see some of the other culture we've appropriated!
  4. New Fork, New Fork! A utensil so nice I came all over my first one
  5. I want a city that never sleeps and a buttered bagel between the sheets
  6. Hey, I'm bangin here! COMEDY bang banging that is!
  7. I try to set an example. I come early, I stay late, and yet I still get called a terrible one night stand
  8. A stitch in time is a blackout
  9. If you sea salt-thing, sage something
  10. Ever see the back of a $20 bill...... on bath salts?
  11. tonybelmario

    lemonade was a popular album and it still is

    well done, obv you get more props and stunts than bruce willis
  12. Empire state of mind your own damn business, this is New York!
  13. If you see something, say something. If you see something on SeeSo, Scott has succeeded as a sellout!
  14. Stick israeli dicks in your baleywicks, it's time for pee wee hockey highlights bang bang!
  15. Webster's dictionary says the word courage is pronounced ˈkərij