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  1. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 230 - Fateful Findings: LIVE! (w/ Rob Huebel)

    Wiseau's scenes were also with an adult who the same age as whatever age he's pretending to be in that movie. Breen's weird scenes with the step-daughter are 1000% more sinister in terms of the underlying message he seems to be trying to get across.
  2. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Only the Strong (1993)

    Gymkata will more than likely be a delight, but I can't imagine it could top this movie. Current chairmen of Iron Chef is a dance fighter who for some reason or another winds up on the bad side of an evil dance fighter. Hilarity ensues.
  3. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Cats (2019)

    It's the first time I can ever remember a theatrical release getting essentially patched midway through its run in theaters.
  4. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Carnosaur (1993)

    Released just before another dinosaur related movie you may have heard about called Jurassic Park, somehow this one just didnt generate the same box office buzz. Oddly enough it stars Dianne Ladd, Laura Derns mother. Who I guess was trying to out dinosaur-movie her daughter. It didnt work out as planned.....
  5. Am i the only one a little sad that they did this High Strung instead of this one
  6. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Swordfish recording...

    Not a fan of the reasoning behind not releasing this episode. I really hope Don Cheadle is in a position emotionally where he wouldn't care about his co-star talking about a fucking terrible movie he did years and years ago on his podcast. Also its not like he's playing the role that makes this movie terrible, I think that very clearly falls into John Travolta's lap. He's in a fairly straight forward role that he performs perfectly well and unjustifiably so for how fucking awful the surrounding movie was.
  7. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Great episode as well. I dont understand why they thought that the aerosol can in the combustion chamber in their car was going to be brought back later, considering it destroyed their engine and made them pedestrians for the remainder of the movie aside from their stolen Jet Skis. I cant remember recalling them talking about the wildly inexplicable moment where they rev the engine on a motorcycle for the thing to just fall apart on them. Was their ever an explanation for that?
  8. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Episode 227 - Double Dragon: LIVE!

    Detective Pikachu is a fairly solid video game movie.
  9. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Baby Geniuses (1999)

    I have to say that the Look Who's Talking movies made the smarter decision to not give a shit about trying to make the babies mouths move to match their speech. Because it is really fucking jarring in this movie.
  10. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Mirror Mirror (2012)

    Didn't the equally inexplicable Into the Woods also release sometime around this movie as well?
  11. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The People Under the Stairs (1991)

    Tales from the Hood is another favorite of mine from the era, great performances including a super dark turn from David Allen Grier.
  12. Very strange. I thought I knew all the Ernest movies but apparently not. Extremely low budget and much darker in tone than subsequent Varney/Cherry films. Saw this on Amazon streaming and watched for a few minutes and couldn't have been more confused about everything I was watching.
  13. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Cool World (1992)

    I really dont understand the practice of buying a script and then hiring people to chainsaw it into something else. If theyre going to do something shady anyways why not just hire to moron writers to write whatever watered down version and make it different enough from Bakshi's to avoid the legal hassle. They clearly didnt a give shit about his concept for the movie so why go through all the nonsense of pretending to want to make a movie they didnt want to make.
  14. Ofcoursemyhorse

    A Sound of Thunder (2005)

    This is one of those movies where the budget is so high and the end product is so fucking awful, if there was ever a legal case that someone in production was embezzling money they could show this movie as evidence.
  15. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Twin Sitters (1994)

    I like that the one in the leather jacket with slightly less random shit strapped to him is supposed to make him the more conservative one.
  16. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Replicant (2001)

    JCVD felt he could have done more in Double Impact. And so we have this wonderful movie. If you havent had a chance to see this movie, you're going to be very pleased. Oh and JCVD's love interest in this movie is credited only as Hooker.
  17. Ofcoursemyhorse

    It Takes Two (1988)

    Jesus christ, i'd never heard of this movie before. This would be an amazing episode. George Newbern just didnt have it in him to be a leading man. Especially with a script as fucking terrible as this one.
  18. Ofcoursemyhorse

    It Takes Two (1988)

    Thank you kindly.
  19. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Pacific Heights (1990)

    Modine is obnoxious in most things. Cutthroat Island is good evidence of what can go wrong when you have to go with the 30th actor down the list to play your lead.
  20. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Pacific Heights (1990)

    This ones a personal favorite of mine in the so bad its great genre. All around bizarre movie where Michael Keaton is a squatter who just makes life a living hell for a couple over the course of months.
  21. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Pacific Heights (1990)

    He's great in this, it blows my mind how badly this movie got reviewed in comparison to the one where Ray Liotta is a cop who befriends a couple and then turns into a fucking lunatic.
  22. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Rock-A-Doodle (1991)

    It's more than a little sad how talent/work went into the animation as opposed to the cocaine weekend that clearly went into the story and writing.
  23. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Rock-A-Doodle (1991)

    Very bizarre movie all around. From the same era that brought us equally inexplicable animated films like The Pagemaster and Rover Dangerfield.
  24. Ofcoursemyhorse

    The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995)

    Have to bump this for anyone who hasnt seen this and only know Brendan Fraser from stuff like Blast from the Past and George of the Jungle. This movie is absolutely insane and really shows how under utilized he was as an actor for much of his career. He both fortunately and unfortunately became widely recognized by studios for his ability to work well with movies that were heavy on green screen and being able to bring life to characters that werent on screen. And as much as I enjoy his limitless energy in stuff like Looney Tunes Back in Action or Dudley Do-Right i'm kind of bummed we didnt get to see him in more movies like this or Gods and Monsters.
  25. Ofcoursemyhorse

    Sphere (1998)

    They have to do this at some point. Its just such a weird fucking movie, and its filled with otherwise talented actors being forced to say and do some really dumb shit.