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  1. Brineman

    Top picks for guest

    They NEED to get Mike Stoklasa from Red Letter Media. He is perfect for this show.
  2. https://soundcloud.com/wgaudio/breaking-my-plugs Sometimes, a man just needs to be honest. Sometimes, a man gets his plugs broken. edit for new link
  3. (in a beat-poet cadence) The jelly on my mind, like grapes on the brain, crave creamy and crunchy concoctions, to paint Pristine Portraits that delicately DANCE upon the white bread THAT IS the sandwich of my BEING, SO YOU CAN CUT THE CRUST AND BAG IT, JACK.
  4. Got a Plugs song for you all. Enjoy, and keep on pluggin'. https://soundcloud.com/darklordkrang/wgianetta-plugsallnight
  5. Brineman

    wise words

    An apple a day puts American physicians out of work; say no to fruit.