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  1. not looking forward to the tears that are sure to come during Parks and Rec tomorrow night.


    While listening to Harris, just 90 days ago on You Made It Weird, it was obvious that he was trying to move forward but understood how opiate addiction is never fully in the rear view for a former user. I listened again this weekend and thought about how those close to him, if they knew what he was saying in that podcast, should have smothered him with attention and never let him out of their siight. He says "I almost overDee'd" and then moves forward in the conversation, being brutally honest and taking it in stride. When listening to that after last week's events, it's heartbreaking.


    I have former heroin addicts in my family and among my closest friends, and that smothering with attention is what has saved a few of them at their darkest moments.


    RIP Harris, you were so loved.

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  2. Thank you Earwolf. Without you I would never have grown to love Harris like I did.


    Thank you Harris. There is no one like you. I'm 35 years old and I've never taken the passing of a celebrity this way. You meant a lot to a lot of people, and I felt like you were my friend.


    4 days later and this isn't getting any easier....

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  3. Howard's love of bro country makes me so sad. There's good country out there, but it's not Sam Hunt. Also, he is from Georgia. Alabama has enough to worry about without having to claim that dummy.


    but he loves garbage hip hop too. he talks about the new rappers having the same feel and unique attributes that the classic rappers brought to the table, and then he plays songs that are always about sex or drugs. Give me a break.