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  1. Okay I'm only 35 minutes in, but honest question --is Todd seriously a comedian? I've never listened to his stuff but so far on here he's not responding to any of Scott's bits and he's answering everything with complete seriousness.


    Maybe he'll get funnier as it goes on (hopefully).


    Todd's podcast is literally my favorite podcast in existence, but that being said, yes, he has major problems being a guest on other podcasts. It's not just this one. He's far too self-conscious and not nearly enough "off the cuff" with his statements.

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  2. Yikes. Not sure I'm sold on this new character of Lauren's, but she plays the line perfectly.


    I am a Lauren-lover, admittedly, but yeah I'm wondering about Tracy Rearden being ridiculously similar to Marissa Wompler, and now we have a teacher that reminds me of a Miss Listler type...i want something a bit more unique...

  3. Awesome episode. This felt like Whooch in its purest form, cursory discussions of the chart entries branching into really interesting/fun discussions.


    amen! this made me feel like i was listening to an episode ages ago. perfect - the reason why i started loving Whooch.

  4. I was one of Kulap's biggest fans back when this started, but I must admit that the guest host shows lately have me wishing Howard worked with a revolving door of female guest hosts. Kulap pushes the show along far too quickly nowadays to the point of it seeming hurried all the time. These guest host eps call back old eps of Whooch when Howard was able to just talk with the guests, without being hurried through the charts. For a few months now I've been commenting on how short and canned the shows seem, but now over the past month I've been absolutely loving Whooch and Twooch again. It just seems like Ku's head isn't in it anymore. Here's to more hilarious and "deeper" Whooch eps in the future.

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  5. Alice was an awesome guest and she fit the energy of the show perfectly. Always enjoy Whooch, but this one was a standout. Hope we see more of Bruce Springsteen in the future!


    personally i found her a bit too opinionated and that's coming from a very opinionated person in myself. I still wish the shows every week didn't feel so hurried. The first 100 or so never felt hurried...

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