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  1. Leggeiro was so much better than April Richardson. She brought way more energy, although she didn't seem to have any of the usual facts/prep that Kulap has, and she surprisingly knew very little about pop culture in general for a LA person. I enjoyed this episode a lot more than others because of the tangents that were missing from the show for what seemed to several months in a row when the show seemed "hurried."


    Kumail is an ideal guest for this show in general...


    Anytime Ku-Ku is gone, bring back Tee-Tee!

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  2. i LOVE when it's just Howard and Brett. Don't get me wrong, I love Kulap and she's a big reason this is one of my top 5 podcasts, but Howard and Brett have a great chemistry and Howard talks about more stuff when Brett is around, it seems to me.


    I also appreciate that Howard understands that E-cigs haven't had long-term testing yet and probably aren't as okay for you as some may think. To call them "healthy" as Brett did is probably quite an overstatement.


    A+ episode.

  3. Eddie was a great guest for the first half of the show. The only thing I don't particularly like about HDTGM is that Paul, June and Jason often talk over their guests to the point where the guests don't get to talk much at all in many episodes. Eddie made sure that didn't happen. Gotta love Eddie P. as a podcast guest in general. Really good episode!

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  4. Wish I could agree with others - this doesn't even count as Whooch to me...without THE host it's not the same. Armen can have his own show, but it shouldn't be called Who Charted. And after last week's Twooch this is doubly disappointing for me because Howard was awesome on Friday and I wanted Ku's reaction to that...


    I know these are my own hang-ups but there's no second Howard Kremer and without him this show just isn't the same for me.

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  5. this has me laughing hysterically and ready to go listen to Jake's appearances on Todd's show again...if only they were regular guests on each other's shows.


    I also agree with comments above - TFF is passing lots of Earwolf shows and becoming a top pick for me, along with I4H which is also spectacular over the last 8 or so weeks. Great stuff guys, keep it up!

  6. This episode was a damn near perfect Whooch. Great job guys.



    One thing I will say is that I am tired of everyone buttering Macklemore's popcorn finger.

    I'm sure he and his cohorts are cool dudes and I respect their independent spirit, but that music...Blechh, I just can't get into it. It's got that made-exclusively-for-a-Scion-commercial sound to it.



    Other than all that, still havin a summah over here!


    i fully agree, i think that stuff is poop but then again i've always hated over-produced nonsense

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