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  1. i miss the good old days when this show clocked in around 90+ minutes on average. the shows are too damn funny, this included, to be just an hour lately...twooch used to be this long! oh well, still great, ben schwartz is still one of the best podcast guests in history, so i guess i should shut the hell up B)

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  2. Ramhand, don't listen to the underinformed. You're doing the right thing. Coconut oil and grass-fed butter are spectacular. Coffee, not so much. But you have the two best fats in the world at your disposal. Don't overdo it. If anything go with more coconut oil than butter. Or more importantly, and much easier, go for X-Factor. It's high vitamin butter extract/oil from grass-fed cows.


    It seems like a fad but you're on a much better track than Wie-Wie with his aaspartame-laced gum ;) lol