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    Questions for Sark

    According to their last update video, not all hope is lost. Sark will continue, for an undetermined amount of time, to host some popular Team Respawn episodes on a weekly basis. He'll be doing it freelance though, not under Machinima's unbrella. I'm starting to view his leave as a positive thing. Not positive for Machinima, but positive for our main man Sark. He'll be able to express himself creatively without any of the restrictions previously imposed by Machinima. Not saying anything uncensored or anything without restrictions is automatically better, it'll just be cool that we'll see some content that didn't get the OK from Machinima.
  2. Aroundz

    Questions for Sark

    Hey Sark, Immediately came here after reading the news about you leaving Machinima. This isn't really a question, just wishing you the best of luck and hope you keep us posted! While it's sad you won't grace my subscription page with videos, I'm glad this podcast will be here to give me a weekly dosage of you et all.
  3. Aroundz

    Questions for Sark

    Mr. Sark,I know you already said that you felt that there were enough plugs for this podcast, but Machinima Realm would seem like an obvious choice to try and promote this show, seeing as they are the rpg side of the network. That being said, love the show and glad I found it!
  4. Aroundz

    Questions for Sark

    If you mean how does he keep people from missing the weekly recording of Nerd Poker, I was always under the impression that they would record an episode or two in advance if they knew that someone had to go on tour/out of town for work.