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  1. PeterGriffinPhysique

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    Great episode. I am always looking forward to the next week.
  2. PeterGriffinPhysique

    Who do YOU want to be a guest on WHO CHARTED??

    I would like for you to have PFT anytime you can get him. Also Jesse Thorn and/or Jordan Morris I think would be great guests. Thanks.
  3. PeterGriffinPhysique

    Episode 20 — Burst Through and Kill

    Jerry is back one full episode and already there is conflict. I love it!
  4. PeterGriffinPhysique

    Episode 19 — Enter The Water Realm

    Should one man ever be so beautiful as Blackee Green? Also loved the 7 inches of throbbing wisdom comment.
  5. PeterGriffinPhysique

    Episode 14 — The Control Room

    This was a great episode. Keep up the great "work".
  6. PeterGriffinPhysique

    Episode 13 — Up Goes The Lift

    I love this podcast.