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    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    I made a dumb thing http://bit.ly/1U4nlgu
  2. zachyahoo

    EPISODE 177 β€” Marriage Money

    I was just in Salt Lake over the weekend and they had pedestrian flag system in place. In my limited experience with it, it went off without a hitch. People used the flags responsibly and drivers stopped appropriately. Maybe cause everyone's so polite and Mormon?
  3. zachyahoo

    Time for Plugs

    https://soundcloud.c.../time-for-plugs My 6-part a cappella plugs submission! You thought you were done, But you were wrong It's time for plugs
  4. zachyahoo

    Time for Plugs

    Here's the plugs theme my friend Michelle and I recorded - in 6 part harmony! Lyric: You thought that you were done But you were wrong– It's time for plugs It's short, but I had fun writing and recording it. Here's the sheet music if you want to follow along at home http://bit.ly/V2dbQC