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    Episode 56 — Nothing But Trouble

    Loved this episode! I have a quick story about this movie. My first exposure to Anything But Trouble occured in my 7th grade English class. Our teacher had each student write to our favorite actors requesting a signed autograph as an assignment. This was no easy feat back in 1990 when we had to go to quite a bit of trouble to find contact information for Hollywood stars. I, of course chose Arnold Schwarzenegger but our English teacher chose to write to Dan Akroyd. A few weeks later these correspondences started coming in and out teacher presented her letter from Dan Akroyd. It was a standard form letter that appears to be written by the star. In it he spoke about his big directorial debut which was, if memory serves, still being called Valkenvania and not Nothing But Trouble. Included with the letter was a photo of Dan Akroyd in his putrid giant baby creature make up. I'll never forget the stunned silence in the room as the image was held up in front of the class. Somehow this did not deter me from seeing the film the following year and like Paul I remember kind of liking it. But what did I know, I was just a kid! Chris