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    Episode 39 — Sean O'Connor, Our Close Friend

    Dear Aubrey you said Amy Poleman was your girlfriend, what's it like to have a girlfriend and is it cool?
  2. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 38 — Matt Gourley, Our Close Friend

    I have something really important to say about this episode, I liked it! Although honestly Earwolf needs to do something about engineer Sam, not only was he slow on looking up the name of that Will Pharrell movie, but I also got sick when he said that thing about putting his elbows in butter or whatever. Get it together Sam, you're sitting next to Hollywood royalty.
  3. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Wow, what an episode. I used to hate Armen but now I just kinda feel bad for him because it's clear that Kulap, Besser and the old guests like Paul Rust really like and care about him but it almost seems like he gets in his own way on purpose. Every episode just turns into everyone talking about how weird Armen is and then Armen babbles for a couple of seconds then we move on. I haven't always been a Besser fan but I could tell he was trying his best and he really impressed me. Kulap was a little mean to Armen but I can't say I really blame her. Armen needs to realize he's 30 years old now, he's not a kid anymore. Ugh I don't know what to say I just hope Armen figures his shit out. I'm eagerly awaiting Howard's return although I would love to hear an episode with Armen as a guest to see what Howard thinks of him. Good luck Armen.
  4. Congrats on the ep it's great we all love it A+
  5. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 1 — Jake Johnson, Our Close Friend

    Great episode guys. Jake Johnson was freaking great, he played along with you guys perfectly. Absolutely loved the first episode. I have no question because i'm not clever. I guess ask the sports question that sounds good.
  6. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

    I don't really know what to say other than tank you Sean & Hayes for the great times over the last several weeks. You guys are hilarious and I really enjoyed listening to your show, i'll be sure to follow you in the future!
  7. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 38 — I Have 30 Companies

    Just wanted to post, been silent for a few weeks. Not sure if the fact that one of the guys (I can't remember which) said this was the second to last episode has been addressed yet but i'm not reading 2 full pages of comments to find out. If it's true, I just want to thank Sean and Hayes for putting out such a great show. If it's not true, then I do not thank you and will not thank you until the last episode.
  8. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 35 — Riddle Me Why

    WOW guys I don't know how to tell you this but it's not exactly normal for LORNE MICHAELS to fly you out personally to audition for SNL! Oh my god guys there's so much I need to tell you this is not good ugh man.
  9. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 34 — Total Math Wiz

    Hey guys not really interested in this nerd battle, and i'm pretty sure you missed the most important part of this episode, the part where I felt extreme excitement over the fact that a REAL Hollywood #bigwig like Jarrad Paul was going to tell me i'm doing a great job on the forums but decided to skip over it. To be honest, I don't come on these forums for shout outs I do it because I really like the show and want to be a contributing member of the fan base. However, I have not and will not forgive Jarrad. Sorry Jarrad, mess with the bull, uhh yeah, you're gonna get the horns.
  10. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 33 — Antigua Is So Beautiful

    I actually enjoyed the Hard Knocks talk as I am a sports man myself, would be great if you covered that show. Congrats on the teen choice noms i'll vote for you, keep up the solid Yolo Tweet Stylings.
  11. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Oh yeah on a VERY serious note the Zimmerman jury bit was one of the funniest opens in show history.
  12. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 31 — Surprise Surprise

    Well guys it's safe to say we're burning down the house Talking Heads style cause this bad boy is EN FUEGO!
  13. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 29 — This Is Rude

    Re: Re: Re: Re: ality show show show show show
  14. First of all Demolition Man was an amazing movie. Now here is my unreal experience. The DAY AFTER watching this movie and listening to the podcast I was shopping at Walgreens (Buying Pringles is shopping to me), and after the cashier cashed me out and I was on my way out the door the cashier says "Thank you, be well" BE FREAKING WELL. Blew my mind. I guess Walgreens is using this as a slogan now and it was just so mind blowingly crazy that I had to share this story despite my poor writing skills. Thanks for a great show, be well!
  15. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 145 — For The Halibut

    The explanation of the requirements needed to be nicknamed Porkchop was hilarious!
  16. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 28 — Journalist By Nature

    Safe to say I HATEus this hiatus. You will be missed Sean & Hayes, you will be missed.
  17. TylerMarciniak

    Episode 18 — Fake Girl Voice

    Hey people, nothing constructive to add here just wanted to throw my hat in the Jason Bateman ring. Fun episode, I think I speak for everyone when I say we learned a lot this week, but yeah like I said, Jason Bateman.