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  1. "Why do you only cater to the emotion of love? Why don't you want to spend time hating things?"
  2. Fireproof is on Netflix Streaming w/ no end date as of 2/28/13 Maybe this will teach those smartasses Paul and June how to value their marriage. There's also wet mouth (and firehose) sounds for Jason to dig on. And how it got made was a MegaMall McChurch preacher funded it to sell his marriage manual (his follow-up Courageous is even hilarious-er but Kirk-less and not streaming, but his daughter stars in an unbelievably what-the-fuck-er called October Baby where she's the survivor of an abortion who revenges on everyone by making them believe in Jesus. It's also streaming indefinitely.) Lastly, Kirk Cameron also made one last year called Monumental which dares to bridge both right wing social politics and fundamental christian didacticism wherein he makes horribly phony reaction shot faces of incredulity while pretending the script is just-then dawning on him. If these are too easy of targets, misanthropically depressing, or this post of mine is already giving too much attention to these horrific nightmares, I completely understand. But I'd love to hear a podcast ep on any of them. Gotta go, Justin Guarini just started singing while piloting a speedboat...