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  1. ChrisSullivan

    Episode 17 — Hack and Slash

    Great episode guys, keep it up
  2. ChrisSullivan

    Character Drawings

    Does nerd poker have merch yet? If not: boooooooo! I won't be happy until my Cheerios had a naked elf and a ghost-bear featured on it
  3. ChrisSullivan

    Episode 16 — The Water Box

    Awesome episode! Thoroughly loved the water-ghoul-thing-he-it's voice. Also, if the shit about vin diesel(sic?) is true, my respect for him just exponentially increased. SOMEONE FAMOUS/RICH/WELL CONNECTED/RELATED TO VIN DIESEL *PLEASE* ask him to guest on this show. Win would, of course, beyond epic.
  4. ChrisSullivan

    Episode 15 — As The Dust Settles

    Wait, there's another D&D podcast??? Jesus how popular is this game? still listening to the new ep now, way to burn shit Bart.
  5. ChrisSullivan

    Episode 14 — The Control Room

    I have never played D&D. As a chess nerd in my youth, I often looked down upon the D&D nerd as socially unadjusted(pot.kettle.black), mentally unstable, and window licking mouth breathers. I now wish I had played, and wish I could play. I fucking love this show. Even blackey - he's kinda my fav. Keep 'me comin guys, I look forward to this show to lift my spirits as I make my depressing, early-as-hell drive to PT every morning.
  6. ChrisSullivan

    Episode 97 — Are We All Racist?

    Hoagie, that was well written, and has a kernel of truth to it, but to claim the ancients weren't racist but rather just - shall we call it ethnocentric or...uh...'culturalist' lol? - well, lets fo with 'culturist', is silly. Read Aristotle, Plato, or Tacitus and you'll find plenty of references to different races or groups of people as inherently inferior. When the Greeks nobly talked about democracy, it was democracy for the true human. The Greek. I will however agree that racism became more virulent and crystallized as a belief system not unlike religion with European expansion, and finally the hijacking and misuse of Darwin to codify racist "science" like eugenics. rns.