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  1. Hello from a British long-time Comedy Bang Bang/Earwolf fan. On the forum because of the Squarespace ad I heard, although I'm gonna have a mooch about this weekend and get involved (is there a big British Earwolf contingent? I have around 5 real-life British friends who listen to Earwolf podcasts)


    Anyway back on topic I am currently using the trial mode on Squarespace to create a slick webpage (the templates are lush) for the business I am setting up. Whilst I'm doing that I'm frantically skipping through CBB 202 on iTunes trying to find the ad for the 10% discount code... could anyone message me the code or just give a time stamp? Just because I'm too lazy/easily irritated to find it (I tried) and I'll probably need the code before I get chance to listen to the next ep.


    Will post it here when I'm done.