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  1. Summertime means ice cream for breakfast and diarrhea for lunch.
  2. I always assumed these were just big, dumb, Michael-Bay-style explosion-porn movies (and I still assume that), but from what people say, it seems like the last few may have actually been good. I'm not a snob. I'm not opposed to seeing big dumb action movies. But there is a line, however hard to define, between good-dumb and bad-dumb. All the new Marvel movies are handled with artistic care and end up being great popcorn movies that don't feel like a waste of time, as opposed to Michael Bay turds like Armageddon where it feels insulting to watch something that's obviously pandering to low-IQ viewers. I don't intend to start a discussion about this stuff - just trying to clarify my point of reference. Some of these movies seem REALLY dumb, and I don't care enough about this franchise to watch them all to catch up on plot. But I do want to check out the ones people seem to agree are great. Is there common knowledge about which ones are legit good and which ones are too dumb to bother with? Can I watch some of the later ones without knowing the plot going in? And this might be contentious, but is there a consensus on all the movies in the series rated from best to worst?
  3. Thanks guys. This helps. I'll probably just go with the ones you both recommended. I'll skip the crap ones. Hopefully.
  4. Hey Earwolf crew! Small note to consider. The tag / title card at the end of every Earwolf show seems a louder than the show that preceeded it. Usually this isn't an issue - I can pause, turn it down, etc (you know, all that "normal" stuff). However, I often listen to podcasts while working, and if that ending tag plays while my hands are occupied and I can't adjust the volume, it's rather painful. The audio quality from Earwolf is consistently professional and damn near perfect, and once I get the audio comfortably adjusted for a show, it's a painful surprise when that tag blasts me at the end. (I'm specifically referring to Nick Kroll's Chupacabra tag - that goat-eater shriek pierces the 'drums.) Thanks for reading and thanks for the hours of amazing entertainment!
  5. Darts, darts, chicken farts.
  6. But I'm way to classy to do it at a sensitive time like this. People tell me I'm very perceptive.
  7. boxofgeese

    We will miss you Harris

    Anyone know where to find the Badger's Promise film? It's been taken down in the past few days.
  8. boxofgeese

    The Forum Forum

    Hmm...yeah, tried that too. Still no dice. I'll see if I can message it to you. Thanks!
  9. boxofgeese

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Well, at least I got a headstart on tarnishing his legacy!
  10. boxofgeese

    The Forum Forum

    Hope this is an appropriate place to post. I've tried numerous times since last year, but I can't seem to add a photo for the avatar. Keep getting this same message.
  11. boxofgeese

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I feel obligated to point out the humblebrag since Harris isn't here to do it anymore.
  12. boxofgeese

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I've been reading these beautiful posts for a week now. Everything's already been said, so why not already say some of it readily again? (huh?) First off, if you were like me and hesitating to listen past Scott's intro on Not F&P 4 - do it!!! It's not all darkness and frowns; it's actually lots of kittens running into each other and falling down - funny, cute, and only kind of sad. Scott, as everyone has already said, THANK YOU for releasing this. It seems like a lot of people felt like they knew Harris. I've never been affected this much by the death of someone I don't know. Still almost two weeks later I still feel weird and empty inside. Having this last recorded piece of Harris was a blessing -- truly a cathartic, emotional, and FUNNY way to grieve. I wish there was a way I could make it to the Harris tribute this week. Is there going to be any sort of coverage / podcast / video documenting it? I know the last thing they have in mind is to capitalize on the death of their friend, but I'm sure a LOT of us would like to join in grieving and celebrating Harris' amazing legacy. I love you all. I've got to get back to my sandwich baggies, grape jelly, and rubber bands.
  13. I'll start off by saying I love the show no matter what. I'm down with all regular (and irregular) features - I don't mind the variety because it always leads to funny stuff! I'm assuming Besser has been skipping the introductions / individual questions to save some time and jump right into improv, but I liked having that feature up top. Even though it did take slightly longer to get into the meat of the show, I liked how it allowed me to get to know each guest a little more. If it's a performer I already know, then I get to hear something new and fascinating about them, and if it's a person I've never heard of, I like to get a sense of their personality and how they all interact. All this being said, I still love the show how it is. I'll listen til I'm good n dead.
  14. Oh and maybe this goes without saying, but I miss the bonus in-between episodes too. I could eat all the improv in the world and still not be full!!
  15. Yeah, that makes sense. But someone should tell those dang new listeners to be patient.
  16. boxofgeese

    Episode 28 — The Hooray Show

    YESSSSSS. Made my day
  17. boxofgeese

    Lack of direction

    Saying that they "don't care about anything" might be putting it a bit too strongly, but I think you're basically right. Maybe what you mean is that there's no over-arcing story emerging at this point. You're right about the hooks too. There have been plenty so far, but none that have paid off. The biggest difference in the show right now versus with Sark is that Sark's game began with them all thrust into a situation together, right in the middle of a specific location and plot. But the current game began more leisurely (remember the bar? and the fire? and Hug Dennings' spectacular performance?) and just hasn't found its way underneath a bigger story arc. And right now in particular they're in a completely foreign land -- they might be seeing fragments of a larger plot (like the fish in barrels, or the church on the mountain, or the colored giants) but with no local knowledge it's hard to make sense of the situation. This would be the point in the movie where they should stumble across a friendly NPC who can actually clue them in to some quests or at least some information about all the weird shit that goes on there. But also, I don't mind the way the show has been going. I'm just as entertained by them fucking around. I really do love the playing part too, and I'm sure it will swing back around to more of that at some point, probably when more of the regular hosts are back, or the characters stumble across some useful info about a larger plot.
  18. boxofgeese

    Guest Idea: Worst Idea Of All Time Podcast

    I started listening to The Worst Idea of All Time after reading this post and I am hooked. I still have yet to watch Grown Ups 2 and I don't think I'm going to. It's a very enjoyable listen. I recommend it.
  19. boxofgeese

    Sark's Time Capsule

    I second, third, fourth, and sixth this idea! (No fifth though. Dirty fifth.)
  20. boxofgeese

    Uh's and Um's

    I like donuts!
  21. I've never played D&D before, and my first exposure to how it actually works has been through this amazing podcast and Harmontown (although that one seems like a much looser game style). Since the beginning I've gleaned a basic understanding of the different types of rolls (dex checks, initiative, attack rolls, etc), but sometimes I'll hear something on the show that sounds like the complete opposite of what I assumed happens. I've also done some research online and that clarified things a little bit, but I know the game can vary infinitely depending on who's playing it. Between my newb-ness, the confusing explanations I've seen online, and the Nerd Poker homies switching between different editions, I'm a little perplexed. (For example, in many episodes it sounds like it's better to roll higher numbers, but then all of a sudden they were trying to roll UNDER certain numbers.) Would anyone be willing to give a brief explanation of the kinds of rolls Nerd Poker uses?
  22. I don't spit in your water, so don't shit in my goddamn hat.
  23. boxofgeese

    A non D&D-er confused about the most basic rolls

    Actually, upon re-reading, there's one thing I still don't get.... In this example, the character's strength score is a 16 -- how does that translate into a strength modifier? I take it they wouldn't add +16 to a D20 roll...that would make everything way too easy.
  24. boxofgeese

    A non D&D-er confused about the most basic rolls

    Thanks guys! That cleared up a bunch of my confusion.
  25. A wise man once said "Show me dem titties, girl!" Then he was promptly ejected from Denny's.