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  1. Wooden Afterclank

    EPISODE 239 — Summah Waves of Feminism

    One chart in, and so far I'm amply entertained. Distinctive falsetto: Barry Gibb. The most distinctive, IMO.
  2. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 198.5 — 9/19/14 TWO CHARTED 137

    Another off topic: I just finished listening to Kulap's visit to the Jordan, Jesse, Go! podcast on maximumfun.org. She really locked in with them -- worth a listen. (Incidentally, it was on that podcast, back in 2011 I think, that I was first introduced to Who Charted? through Kulap's first guest appearance there. WC? kind of headhunted me that day, and I haven't been back to JJGo as much since then--but I plan on correcting that a bit.) originstorydoc.com. Last day!
  3. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 17 — Songs of Innocence

    Bernard_Shakey, I'm stealing your avatar, or at least borrowing from it: I'm going for Halloween as a Stormtrooper in evening casual-ware. Maybe a tux. I'm not kidding. Love it.
  4. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 195.5 — 8/29/14 TWO CHARTED 134

    Tubes? or Toobs?
  5. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 195.5 — 8/29/14 TWO CHARTED 134

    When 'Stard said "It opens the floodgates, too," I couldn't tell if he was talking about Howard feeling emboldened to play more Summah songs live from now on -- or about potty training. Perhaps we'll never know. Tubes.
  6. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 195 — Live! with Jazzy Jeffica St. Clair

    Is that a favorite topic of hers?
  7. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 174 — Losing Our Chartginity

    I'm hoping that new Earwolf headquarters = more studios = more mike timeslots = longer episodes.
  8. Wooden Afterclank

    Who do YOU want to be a guest on WHO CHARTED??

    My nom is (are) Jordan & Jesse (of the Go!). Reason being: it was through their podcast that I met Kulap, and therefore that I became aware of Who Charted?, and therefore that I've been gifted with literally hundreds of hours of cutting-edge entertainment over the years. Let's bring it full-circle in 2014! Also from the Maximum Fun network, the Brothers Three of My Brother, My Brother, and Me -- though I realize they're rarely in the same place at the same time, let alone in Los Angeles. So: longshot.
  9. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 170.5 — Sklarbro County 75

    So, is it "County" or "Country"? I think I know the answer... Looking forward to this episode. Alison Rosen is good people. Exceeded expectations in filling Teresa Strasser's shoes at the Adam Carolla Show.
  10. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 142.5 — TWO CHARTED 81

    'Stard! I was thinking: "Howard started out sounding like Paul McCartney but then partway through turned into Nigel Tufnel." Then you said: "Howard started out sounding like Paul McCartney but then partway through turned into Nigel Tufnel." [or somesuch] GMTA You also said that if a musician picks up a fan as a teenager they'll be a fan for life. [or somesuch] Very true, for me anyway. (See my avatar) You're wise beyond your years, young squire.
  11. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 140 — Scotty Boy, My Special Boy

    I'm about 15 minutes into this episode, and after Armen's rickety (but strangely funny) introduction my first thoughts were, since this is make-em-up time without Howard anyway, why not just flip it so Scott is the host and Armen is the guest? Ah, the music chart's started -- let's see how this goes!
  12. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 139 — Boring Kanye West

    You had me until The Monster Mash. I never want to hear that song again as long as I live...or as long as I'm dead (for a couple billion years?). I would like my ashes to be shot from a cannon. And there will be a taco truck present at the firing for the pleasure of the guests. I should write this stuff down somewhere.
  13. Wooden Afterclank

    Episode 118.5 — 3/8/13 TWO CHARTED 57

    "I don't make sense a lot of times, but when I do...I do a lot make sense." ~HK Such rich, satisfying irony...