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  1. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 32 — B.J. Novak, Our Close Friend

    I spat coffee all over my monitor at work when Love In This Club started playing, and again when it finished. 10/10, the perfect episode.
  2. I hope that we don't lose out on a free hour of Scottabot a week, but this is great. Glad that Scott is living off of more than his podcast money.
  3. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 252 — The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    I listened to last year's Comedy Fang Fang this week after listening to this years and I think I liked last year's better because they had a 20 person Rap Battle. I still liked this years though.
  4. BuckinKaeding

    What guest do you want to see?

    Kroll Show is returning soon so hopefully we can get a Nick Kroll/Jon Daly show in sometime soon.
  5. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 252 — The Creeeeeeepy Halloween Special

    How many times do you have to be on to be counted as a regular? Steven Yeun should be a regular. I'm not sure if the way he acts is a performance or if that's just how he naturally is, but the way he seems nervous and indifferent at the same time is pretty great for CBB. Maybe Buford and Mesemore will make a Christmas appearance this year.
  6. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    Go pound a glass of milk.
  7. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 104 — A Hotel Tell

    Is the documentary on Netflix? I have to see this dumbfuckery for myself.
  8. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 249 — Ice Cold STaB

    Did anyone see The Birthday Boys TV show? I thought the first episode was hilarious.
  9. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 247 — Half A Score

    At some point Sanz mentions a local Chick Fil A in Los Angeles and I laughed pretty hard even though it wasnt a laugh break.
  10. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 245 — Poehler Ice Caps

    This episode was amazing and at the end of plugs when Alan Thicke claimed they had 3 bloopers on Growing Pains, I cried from laughter. Might be my perfect episode. Haven't laughed this hard since the first time I heard Jazz-Jazz.
  11. BuckinKaeding

    I've just about caught up on every episode...

    Uhh Yeah Dude is a good one if you like callbacks.
  12. BuckinKaeding

    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Thread

    Episode 3 had the most podcast references I think. It was awesome.
  13. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 233 — Royal Watching

    Not often that Andy Daly is on an episode and he's not my favorite non-Aukerman in the episode. Odenkirk owned this episode.
  14. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 232 — LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con

    Just started listening and around the 16 min mark Daly remarks, "you're not late." He was talking about the drunk girl in the front row who wouldn't shut up WO was returning to her seat with a drink in hand. Just a nice little CBB pearl for y'all.
  15. BuckinKaeding

    Episode 232 — LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con

    That annoying lady was sitting right in the front row and everyone wanted her to shut the fuck up, and her boyfriend/husband didn't say anything to her. Before the podcast began, Scott remarked that she had been sitting in the same seat last year, and I'm assuming he remembered because she was probably annoying as fuck then too. I'm sad she was picked up on mic, but it was an awesome live show otherwise.