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    Tuff Turf (1985)

    My first time on this site. My friend brought me to this awesome show. I guess my bad movie recommendations would be Tuff Turf or The Black Dahlia. I would probably go for Tuff Turf only because I couldn't wrap my head around how they got The Jim Carroll Band in this movie among other problems. As stated in Wikipedia "The film begins at night with Morgan exploring the streets of his new neighborhood on his bicycle. The intro sequence features the song "Love Hates" programmed by Jonathan Elias and featuring vocals by Marianne Faithfull. It's a great electronic track with a dark edge, similar in vein to early Ministry (All Day, Halloween) and sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the film; with small sequences of this song occurring throughout the movie. The song sounds nothing like Ministry. At all.
  2. AriannAdams

    Body Rock (1984)

    For years I could not remember the name of this movie. It was on TV 38 really late at night, and it had Lorenzo Lamas in it. Finally my boyfriend remembered the name. The lead characters name is Chilly D. It's terrible.
  3. AriannAdams

    The Canyons

    The worst. Oh lord. I don't even know if I want them to do this movie. It was god awful. Favorite line "I can't get a job! I need someone to take care of me!" - Lohan
  4. AriannAdams

    The Canyons

    Yes! I am talking about the Lohan masterpiece. The ending was the best part. First because it ended (no-brainer), but two Schrader did something I thought he wasn't going to film, but did. Break the fourth wall. Classic! The Canyons does make The Room watchable. It's so redic. Text tv had to be one of my favorite scenes of the film. Made no sense, but imma go with it.
  5. AriannAdams

    Spring Breakers

    Sorry for the spelling errors in advance. Also thank god someone chose this movie. There are spoilers. Ok, this movie is terrible. The Emperors New Clothes movie. Critics are saying it's great because, I don't know why. For starters, when the girls decide to go and rob the chicken shack. I think it was a chicken shack. Please correct me if I am wrong they are in Florida. Florida. I know it's not like Texas. Not everyone is carrying around guns, but no one is going to pull a real gun on these 5'4 girls who are trying to rob them? I honestly thought someone was going to pull a real gun on them in that scene. Just to make the scene more intense. Nothing happens, they get away scott free. They get to Spring Break and honestly it was kind of boring. The slo-mo of tits was used over and over again to the point where I just didn't care anymore. The dialogue, I felt was ad-libbed. As if Korrine told the girls "You know like say fuck and shit a lot, and make an imaginary gun to your head, and pull the trigger. To show the audience you are bored of life." James Franco. I will give him props for his fellatio skills (kidding, it was gross). Oh and the creepy song he played using one note. They repeat lines. IE: you're a scaredy cat. ha ha ha. You're a scaredy cat. We got it. He's scared. During the girls crime spree Alien (James F.) and his girls end up in a drive by. The cars were right next to each other. So James had enough time to hit the gas and get out of there, and possibly survive. The only one who was harmed was one girl with a bullet in the arm. Now first off a bullet in the arm is going to hurt. It's going to hurt bad. Like screaming, get me to the fucking hospital bad. She is taking it like a champ, crying a lot but can walk around, hang with her friends underneath an apt complex, and contemplate life. Mind you this is the first bullet wound this girl has ever had. How do they fix the wound? Take a hit off a blunt, suture the wound (apparently alien has medical skills), and cry in the bathroom. Gucci Main (sp?) I am not familiar with his work in the music industry. I will say this: he is NOT an actor. He didn't even really try. Actually there were no black people in this move that really tried. I will get to that in a minute. They either just looked really scary or they would just try to make scenes feel uncomfortable. Selena Gomez had no problem almost getting roofied at a party. Playing pool and hanging out with a couple of black folks local to the area in a pool hall- waaaaaaay too intense. The reason I say no black people tried, leads me to the climax in the film. They are going to go after the rival drug lord / former best friend of Alien. When arriving at the house, which has SHITTY security btw, Alien is tagged in the head in 2 seconds. NO problem. The two girls that are left in the group have only gone on a couple of robberies. I haven't seen any of the girls practice shooting someone, except firing into the air. These girls are SHARP SHOOTERS. They don't even use scopes to make sure they can get a hit. They are a-mai-zing marksmens. Even Gucci's crew, whom I would think had some years in the crime business, could not get a shot. These girls are made of bullet teflon. Nothing is going to touch them. They can even wear flip-flops to a shoot out. I know when I wear flip-flop it's not the best attire to run, skip, or shoot in. The girls also have infinity bullets in their guns, no need to reload. The guns are magic and they have amazing firing skills. While the crazy shooting spree was happening, no one from Gucci's crew decided to contact Gucci to tell him, " Hey two little girls are fucking mad shit up. You might want to do something. Maybe call the cartel we work with so we can get some help." Nope. Nothing. Gucci didn't even have a gun near his jacuzzi. Not saying that he would have it. I just think that he would have heard something going on outside. Even a derringer would have sufficed. The girls leave unscathed, take Gucci's car, and head back to college or maybe not. Who knows. I would probably not take the car since you know there is a huge body count, and people might be looking for you. The only saving grace with this film is the DP. Benoît Debie who worked on Enter the Void. I really liked that film, but ETV is love it or hate it film. Sorry for the long post, but my god this film was bad.
  6. AriannAdams

    Coyote Ugly (2000)

    Oh god. Such a good choice. Yes this movie! It's god awful.
  7. AriannAdams

    Showgirls (1995)

    It's a great movie to bash, everything is horrible about Showgirls. I own the special edition box set with pin on the pasties, shot glasses with drinking playing cards. Also there is already a great commentary from a gentleman who went to colleges everywhere showing how bad Showgirls is. Along with Scores strippers doing a play by play of what happens at strip clubs, and what cannot happen. I know many other films have been discussed to death but this one would totally feel like overkill. Now the CG Showgirls, that could be new territory.
  8. AriannAdams

    From Paris with Love (2010)

    I just like how JRM was yelling the whole time. The entire film is just him screaming. I kept seeing The Tudors in my head and him shouting " I'M THE KING OF ENGLAND!" over and over.
  9. AriannAdams

    Cool World (1992)

    I have a soft spot for this movie. I really liked the soundtrack. But yes it's a good pick. It's a terrible film.
  10. AriannAdams

    The Black Dahlia (2006)

    Well I lost it when Josh threw the ice pack into the fire. To quote Boondock Saints that was the symbology of the movie.