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    Episode 148 — Adoption

    God bless Kyle for trudging through while the guest seemed to be a complete brick wall to anything remotely light or funny. I feel like Mr Spruyt didn't get along well with anyone or even understands the idea of a comedy podcast. The topic of adoption isn't nearly as dark, dry and serious as.. let's say... Tig's cancer, and at least part of Professor Blastoff's conceit is using dry comedy to address and get through deeply dark and serious/awkward situations...and they do it beautifully. Even Kyle's attempts to lighten the convo were completely ignored by Mr Spruyt and in one case passively agressively brushed aside with "Kyle has an interest in keeping his bit going" (yes... and thank god for that) Not to mention Del Larue (sp) getting laughs and heightening the character from everyone except the guest. Overall a very interesting listen, certainly a lesson is dealing with a certain type of person, but kind of a dry bummer.
  2. altemail19er

    Episode 102 — Nerds

    well it's about damn time a comedy podcast talked about the subject of Nerds.
  3. those Jeff Garlin anecdotes.. oh boy
  4. The only thing i don't like about these podcasts is Jeff Garlin. It's hard to listen over Jeff's hyena cackle at every little thing.