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    EPISODE 233 — Dry Docked Nugget

    I felt he was in the perfect window of being willing to call Howard out but clearly in an amiable / enjoying it way so he never shut Howard down and instead pushed him to get weirder if anything - absolutely fantastic guest, most I laughed out loud at a Whooch in a while
  2. rollie

    Episode BO2014.3 — Best of 2014 Pt 3

    And Seth Rogen I guess Solo Bolo is a special type of one on one episode or something
  3. rollie

    Episode 269 — Smaug’s Kickstarter

    Was Doug doing a subtle bit regarding the timing of the show? We're all aware the shows aren't always recorded that close to when they drop (yadayda1yearaheadyadayada) which can lead to mild guest confusion, first couple of times I thought Mr Benson was just making mistakes or the episode was recorded supes early but by the end it seemed he was deliberately taking every opportunity to make it sound like the episode was being recorded on different dates. And I know it's not the cleverest bit but the Puff the Magic dragon line had me laughing harder than I can remember at CBB since maybe "Fuck off Blofeld"
  4. rollie

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    So confusing as I happened to have downloaded and listened to episode 100 a day or two ago. I actually replaced episode 100 with the new one on my phone, when that conversation started in I assumed the dl had screwed up and somehow spliced the episodes together. I had to re-dl a couple of times before I realised what was going on (and for some reason I didn't think to just check the rest of the episode)
  5. rollie

    Episode 118 — Shit Fits

    No offense but you're a bad friend. Liking it when people you love are happy is a fairly human condition. I have friends with other interests than me, some of which I have zero interest in - doesn't mean I won't indulge them when they want to talk about it, in the same way they'll want to talk to me about stuff I'm passionate about.. Regardless of all that, different but fun episode. I enjoyed this and the Steve-o one as they had a different energy and brought out stuff from the hosts that the usual guests may not. We get 2.5+ hours *every week* of Who Charted, I'd hate for it to be the same show each week - mix things up, the humour of WIe & Ku still shines through and if a guess bothers you, there's Two Charted sans guests... EDIT: And on listening to tooch they both seem incredibly proud and happy with how the episode turned out..