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    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul! Outside of the live shows it's frequently mentioned that the episodes are being recorded well before they're going to be released. I recall doing some math based on a comment during the plugs section of an episode and determined that the episode was recorded maybe 3-4 months in advance. My questions are: What's the highest number of "banked" episodes there were at any one point? How many episodes were recorded prior to the release of the first episode? and unrelated...please tell me you'll be at the CBB live show in July (San Diego), I'll be so sad if I don't get to meet you Thanks! Nick
  2. NikoEstevan

    Ask Paul!

    Hi Paul, As I've listened to Spontaneanation from the beginning to now I've noticed a subtle but still distinct "evolution" of the show's execution. By this I mean recent episodes are of very high quality and seem very cleanly executed. That's not to say early episodes were in any way bad, but more that you, a number of the regular improvisers, and the show itself seem to have gotten more comfortable in it's own skin. Have you noticed this as well and what other "evolutions", big and small, have you noticed since the show's inception? Now I need to be really selfish for a minute. I tried PM'ing all this to you but Earwolf wouldn't let me. My fiancee and I are getting married next July (Fri the 8th) and would love it if you officiated. We contacted a handful of people at United, that are on your team, and after a number of calls and emails got non responses. We'd pay you, get you a nice hotel, transportation, whatever. Your wife is obviously welcome as well. The process to become ordained online is about 15-min and we've found a non-denominational and accepting of all lifestyles ministry (it's a non-religious ceremony). Full disclosure the wedding is in north county San Diego, specifically Encinitas...so if location and/or date is a dealbreaker I understand. Thank you, from us both. Nick and Wynona
  3. NikoEstevan

    Fan Art

    This is amazing...and a shirt I'd buy
  4. I'm a little surprised how much love I'm seeing so far for the album...not that I don't like it, but this doesn't sound like a u2 album (other than Bono being Bono). My overall impressions are that they're trying to go for a sound like the black keys (garage rock with fuzzy guitar and bass lines that are verging on funky), and there are a lot of missed opportunities for classic u2 instrumental work. Also I think I liked the second half more than the first half (I've shown the split below). Here's my track by track opinion: 1) Good, but just good, not amazing. And if your track 1 comes in at "meh" then just give up. 2) Pretty decent...a good example of the new u2 sound...combines some of the best elements of their Joshua Tree sound with the best elements of Atomic Bomb 3) Who in the right mind gave them the go ahead to keep that intro vocal work. Ba-Ba-Barbara, Santa Barbara?!?!? Christ, and to think I considered defending uno dos tres catorce...but even forgiving that, the synth work on it is so overpowering and poorly mixed (in addition to being dull) 4) 2nd favorite song. This is just high quality rock n roll music. 5) Sounds like classic u2, but still it's almost too generic...like they rushed it out the door and theres a bunch of unfinished instrumental work that should have been added. Maybe it's just too repetative. --------- 6) Decent song, sounds like the black keys, not that thats a bad thing. 7) The intro vocal effect is god awful...but it sounds like classic u2. It's nitpicky but I don't like the vocal editing right as it goes into the chorus, it's clearly a dead stop in the one take as the other comes one and it just doesn't fit in an album going for that gritty-real sound as opposed to something that's been studio polished by a half dozen producers 8) Probably my favorite song on the album, and it's pretty Black Keys-y...still think it could have used a little strings &/or brass to bring out that epic feeling they're going for 9) So many missed opportunites for slow building drums and percussion in the background at the beginning, and just when edge gets going on the guitar it fizzles out so hard...and his guitar work was pretty meh overall 10) Like it, another example of the Black Keys-esque sound 11) Nothing special, and I didn't expect anything special.
  5. There are two quotes that weren't broght up that I really loved: The first is a scripted joke (probably ADRd though) - right after they go flying through the window and see that old woman knitting Seagal very subtly says "Is that your gun or are you just happy to see me" The second, which is totally taken out of context, is after Brian Cox's character gets shot in the foot and the hand. As he's hobbling around making a bunch of weird noises somehow it gets really sexual right as Seagal threatens to shoot his other hand. BC: NO! I need that hand! SS: You know I will! You know I will! BC: Alright! Alright! Goddammit! -heavy panting, some moaning, general just-came kinda noises- BC: Damn, I've missed you...so many young men today just won't go that extra mile.
  6. NikoEstevan

    Episode 70 — Gymkata: LIVE!

    *mullet-headed uni-browed dumb dumb
  7. NikoEstevan

    Episode 70 — Gymkata: LIVE!

    Such a good episode...I was lucky enough to be there for it. You guys gotta start coming to these because there's always more than just the episode. When it was Howard the Duck we got to see a (very) rough cut of Comic-Con Air: the season premier of NTSF. This time we got to see Sarah Silverman run through her Roast of James Franco set and the trailer for June's movie Ass Backwards.
  8. NikoEstevan

    Gymkata - Omission

    This may in fact relate to Jason's point about the double space in the final title card... At the beginning of the movie when KT is being briefed by the government guy about Parmistan and the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) the government guy was very clearly dubbed over. At no point does he actually say "Star Wars"...it was added in post. Which begs the question: At what point was the Star Wars defense system tie-in actually a plot element? This movie came out in May of 85, Reagan gave the speech in March of 83. That leaves a little over 2 years difference. I couldn't find anything on the internet about the production history of this movie, so I have no idea when filming started, or how long it spent in post, but I still believe that it is very possible that filming had already started on the movie when Reagan gave that speech...and the decision to tie in the "Star Wars" program was made in the middle of production or maybe even in post. Wish I could have asked this question at the show, I thought it was the game-changer Paul was looking for at the end...but my gf had already gotten picked by Paul so everything worked out.
  9. NikoEstevan

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

    Yup...watching this now...it would make a good ep
  10. From the mouth of Mr. Scheer himself (met him at the largo show last Saturday) this will not be happening because of reasons already mentioned in this topic (Zooey/New Girl).
  11. Most of what makes the two sequels "bonkers" is just the dystopian cyberpunk sci-fi setting and technology that exists. I don't think any of the series would be that great of an episode, but if one were to be made it should be Revolutions. I personally really like the second one, obvi it isn't great compared to the first, but I think it's got some of the best action scenes of any movie in the last 10 years: the hundreds of smiths battle, then the medieval weapons fights which segues into the extended highway chase of destruction...it's all amazing action. The third one has as much action in terms of quantity, but the quality of it is much weaker. Each (including the original) has a few wtf moments (revolutions more than the others), but not enough for a hdtgm.
  12. NikoEstevan


    Rewatched this last night and it definitely needs to be a hdtgm...a few things to add about how stupid this movie is, aside from what's been said already... 1) Why do the alien spaceships hop around like frogs?!? 2) The only person that succedded at physically beating down an alien was the guy with no legs!!! 3) There's never a clear reason why the aliens are invading or what their end goal is...like if they just wanted to kill all of humanity then why do they let so many people live when they're a split second from death...and if they're just trying to make contact then why are they going batshit on all our infrastructure.
  13. Paul: "And as always I'm joined by cohosts June Diane Raphael" June: "Hey Paul!" Paul: "And Jason Manztoukas" Jason: "What's happening..." EVERYONE: THE HAPPENING
  14. NikoEstevan

    Amos & Andrew (1993)

    I can't believe I've never heard of this...gonna try and get a hold of it asap
  15. Classic caddy...surprisingly good parking for someone with crippling restless leg syndrome