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  1. Made with love xx https://soundcloud.com/talalaban/cbbplgz2
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    Mr. Scott, What Have You Got Again?

    Lyrics: Hey Scott, show me what you got I’m bettin’ that it’s hot to trot inside that plug bag And don’t shrug sad, coz you don’t got what those thugs had Hey Scott, the kettle throws in its lot with the pot I’m gonna take a squat and shit snot Which I’m gonna make you chug at
  3. Here's another theme from me. Maybe Scott can say my name right this time. But to be honest, him mispronouncing my name was one of my fave CBB moments ever!
  4. Hope you like my plugs theme! Long time first time from across the pond... xxx
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This Irish guy can't find his soup. He gets pretty angry about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C1z7OlhJJ4
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    this is pretty genius, and relevant.
  7. This drunk idiot told me a story about a trip to Las Vegas. I recorded it and uploaded it onto my Joke a Day series on YouTube. His british accent and his friends interruptions make quite a funny video. Check it out! Love, @talalaban
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    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Also, this guy told me a funny story so I uploaded it to YouTube. Does this count as a Best Story or Crap on YouTube? I'll just put it on both. His accent plus his friends interjections make it quite funny. Enjoy!
  9. TalalKarkouti

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This is amazing. Some UK school kids engaging in the weirdest, most pathetic rap battle ever. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LKYLnrTMq0
  10. You're urinating urine in the room your in. On a Honduran whose on tour in southern Turin. How rude! If said correctly, should rhyme pretty nicely. xxxxx @talalaban
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    Episode 327 — Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth!

    Fuck you Scott! This episode was my fucking favourite for a long time but man, you fucking dick, I was laughing so hard on the London Underground in the middle of rush hour today, with my face in some fat fuckers armpit. I couldn't fucking control myself but I also didn't want to stop listening. The weirdest feeling of simultaneously being embarrassed and thoroughly entertained. You always hear stories about podcast listeners laughing in public but it's never been an issue for me, until today. Worth every weird look. Horatio is my absolute hero, I don't know much, but I know that Hooray Show is my idea of heaven. And, well, I guess that's all i need to know. Please let them come out sooner! Benny Schwazz? Always gold. No point even complimenting him anymore. I fucking love you Hot Soccormom! (I used to think I invented that nickname until I realised I was an idiot) I'm gonna start watching house of lies now, wanna see Benny's little tiny butt. love love love, T
  12. Wait a sec! Sexy robot says at the end of each episode that we should antagonise the fucker! Sooooo confused!!
  13. Woah! I forgot my station for a moment. Thanks for the reality check. I just wanna touch him though, he's scary in a good way!
  14. Thas for a great trilogy Adair. Really well made and well performed. I love every. Single. One. Of your guests. If you added Gemberlicking and Rust it would have been my dream team! Really, so fucking good. And i like your new experiments. I think its working, just keep pushing it. BUT As a massive fan and weekly listener i feel like i should share my 2 issues: The first is a real issue. The gum chewing made my stomach turn. My housemate does it all the time and it drives me crazy. Worst sound in the world. Why would you do that into a mic? The second im not sure is even a issue, but more of an improv quiery. You seemed to direct the improvisers more during the flatmate scenes. Is that to be expected. It didnt ruin anything for me, i just felt bad for the improvisers who might have had their own ideas before you interrupted the mwith direction. Was this something you discussed with the, beforehand? Dont get me wrong, the scenes were as funny and interesting as ever as has been mentioned on this thread. Love you forever Matt, I have learned so much from you from across the Atlantic! Talal Ps. I am doing UCB 101 here in London in February and am dying to know who our tutor(s) will be. Any clue Adair? Pps. My dream is to follow that up with 102 in LA. What are the chances of that happening?? Lovelovelove
  15. Fans of I4H! I am a long-time fan from the UK and I have proudly produced (independently and with zero budjet) a completely improvised movie. I honestly believe Besser and I4H has had a direct influence on me and my improv development from across the Atlantic and this is why I post this shameless promotion here. This movie was completely devised, organised and improvised at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013 in under a week! It really shows the strength of story improv can have and of course features some insanely loveable and creepily weird characters. Featuring comedians like Reginald D Hunter, Stephen K Amos and Mick Ferry and many more. The movie is about a lowly flyerer who just wants to get rid of his flyers! However, he mainly eats shit from every direction possible. It simultaneously celebrates and pokes fun at improv and is a laugh riot! The trailer, stills and more info are available at the following links. Facebook page: www.facebook.com/improvthemovie Twitter: @improvthemovie Trailer: If you are a fan of improv and want to see it flourish, please check it out, like it and spread the word! I obviously hope to get funding for future projects from this. I really feel like improv is sadly not popular enough in the UK and perhaps my American friends will appreciate it properly and help boost it over here. Many thanks humans! Talal K
  16. I hope it's ok to post this here, but I am a human just trying to connect with more humans! I4H foreverrrrrr!!!!!XXXX
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    Episode 143 — Gameface

    Matt Besser, Listen mate, if you want someone to come on and argue that short-form is an art form, I could do that all day. I believe it is and I believe it's a vital part of the world of Improv. T
  18. TalalKarkouti

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Why do i have to like one and not the other? Why must i be a fan of long form and therefore sacrifice my love of short form? I am a fan and practitioner of improv. I live improv every day, which is what i believe is the lesson of improv. When i found improv, i realised what life was about. I don't look down on short form because every day is a collection of short form and long form for me. There is an overarching message to every story but within that there are short moments of seemingly irrelevant banter. But even within live well performed short form shows, you see a theme running through it and that can be considered an element of longform intertwined with the short form games. I think its rediculous to seprerate them completely because improv is improv. Its following brain patterns and instinct, whether youre playing a game of top that or performing a herald. Amd in response to recent comments, i4h is improv at its best. Full stop. PEACE
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    Episode 140 — Don’t Be A Dork

    Did you notice that when old school improv was mentioned, ne of the first references was a short-form game? Just sayin... X
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    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Its on netflix. Its called Two Man Group.
  21. TalalKarkouti

    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Hasn't happened yet i guess...
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    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    It seems strange that a couple of you claim to be fans of I4H yet are bashing it so heartily. Are you a fan or not? Do you really think Matt doesn't know how to put together a good show? If not, then why are you even here?? Are you really above dick jokes? Is anyone above dick jokes? Its what you do with the dick joke. I think penis t-zone was a great concept borne from spontinaeity. Consider short form a giant dick joke, or fart. Its all about what you do with it. A well timed fart can be extremely profound. A dick joke has the power to hold a mirror up to society. A short-form performer can apply long-form techniques to enhance their performance. I've attempted to apply short and long-form techniques to a character i do on YouTube (Arab Sing!). I roam the steets of London as this Arab hippy character singing, interacting and exploring. A bit of a shameless plug, but it's heavily inspired by early UCB stuff when they took their characters into the streets of New York. But the difference being i got into doing long-form after this character was created. Arab Sing! was kind of my transition into long-form. The other point of this character was to create an ethnic comedy Arab persona that was centred on positive stereotypes for a change. Check him out...
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    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    Even with chocolate chips and covered in icing??
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    Episode 139 — Penis T-Zone

    How can get on Case Closed to debate the fuck out of this topic??