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  1. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 66 - Hamilton on Broadway

    "Ohhh, the telephone!"
  2. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 65 - Televangelist's Studio

    For those who haven't read it, this interview with Sam Richardson makes me want to be his best friend and road trip buddy: http://www.avclub.com/article/veeps-sam-richardson-boyz-ii-men-and-eating-his-ow-235546
  3. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 426 - Schwartz & Schwarts

    Interesting timing for an appearance from an Ohio zookeeper!
  4. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 421 - I Got Your Results

    Very excited to see the live show in Dallas tomorrow!
  5. There was some stuff about how smelly New York is, but that's all I remember right now.
  6. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    Just wanna say Paul's new glasses are sweet.
  7. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 409 - Man Brats

    I love when these guys appear on the show because their character names always seem like they just said whatever sounds/syllables popped into their heads. "Tob Handlez" is up there with "Bever Hopox" and "Lon Smudge".
  8. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 406 - Kid Detectives II

    You all realize Kid Detectives 4 will have to take place in the White House, right?
  9. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 48 - Laundromat

    Major props to Eban Schletter for the glorious, totally committed rendition of a parade of German national tunes, from "Deutschland uber Alles" to "Also sprach Zarathustra", during the opening monologue.
  10. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 402 - Solo Bolo Trolo

    I saw "Hamilton" in NY last week and ever since then the thing I've been most excited for has been the Solo Bolo Trolo singalong because I AM SINGING ALONG TOO YYYYEAAAAHH
  11. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 401 - LOVE Is Thicker Than Water

    It always amazes me, when I follow my Monday morning routine of wake up, pound SNOOZE, roll into shower, roll out of shower, open computer, check CBB lineup, that there are already 10 commenters listening to the episode! Clearly, the solution is comedy-based sleep deprivation!
  12. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 46 - Kay Jewelers In A Mall

    "Scooper Union: Ice Cream School" If you're ever in Dallas, stop by a place called Carnival Barker's Ice Cream. When we did, the guy who owns the place said, "I have a degree in ice cream, from ice cream school!" We said "no, you're shitting us," and he pointed, sitcom style, at the wall right next to him where there was, for realsies, a diploma saying he was a graduate of Penn State's Ice Cream School. http://creamery.psu.edu/our-story
  13. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    There are a few awe-inspiringly inappropriate celebrity roast videos, like his roast of Joan Rivers, which crosses so many lines it's in a different time zone.
  14. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    I think James Adomian tweeted, in particular, that he was focusing more of his energy & productivity on stuff that pays better. Can't blame him for that. Not everybody has a second job at the ArcLight theater giving handjobs.
  15. Yesssssssss Brandon Johnson returns to Earwolf!
  16. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Ask Paul!

    I wonder if Eban just doesn't want to talk? I got the impression he told that story during the break but didn't want to say it "on air" himself? Paul, is Eban Schletter's deep dark secret that he has a scary Harvey Keitel voice with a wildly unlikely accent?
  17. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Episode 393 - Peanuts Awareness

    Paging through the slideshow is fun. *see picture of dick* That must be Horatio's! *see Horatio holding picture of dick* Guilty!!
  18. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    WSGLL Best Of Year One

    I don't have timestamps handy, but: - every single time Brandon Johnson says "Ohhhh shit! That's fashion." (and the "Cutting Edge or Tacky" game) - Dr. Doug dog dating and the return of Pamela from Big Bear - Danny Sexton makes the sad realization that he is not going to score with his pen pal - supercut of all of Traci Reardon's descriptions of Twitter handles/pictures
  19. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Best of 2015 Pt. 4

    Still waiting for that Talkin' 'Tang podcast pilot!! That bit from Not Farts & Pro where Harris talks about his 8th grade movie theatre blowjob would have made a great Talkin' 'Tang ep.
  20. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    Lin-Manuel Miranda, Amy Poehler, and Neil Campbell: the Freestyle Rap Battle of Doom
  21. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Ask Paul!

    For those as ill-informed as I, the answer to the "who does the sound effects" is over here in a post by Engineer Cody Brett.
  22. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Ask Paul!

    Maybe this has been asked already but: Who operates the cut-to/flashback/etc. sound effects? Is it you solely, any improviser, or a mysterious third party (such as a ghost)? And, props to this person for their fleet and intelligent fingers.
  23. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    Ask Paul!

    I don't know if anyone responded to this question, but at least three Petite Miracles are required for comedy sainthood.
  24. Mr. Reeses Pieces

    EPISODE 392 - The Holiday Womptacular

    A public library is a great place to record Womptaculars because Marissa is so skilled at keeping herself to a low, inside voice.